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Sometimes due to repetitive import of files, errors, and bugs, you may face the problem of duplicate files or photos appearing in the Photos app of your Mac. For freeing up the space, you need to make deletion of the same images to organize your photo library better. Doing this task alone takes up most of your time and will engage you for the rest of the day. It will hamper your productivity, fetching you no results unless you have a miniature-size photo library with a few clicks.

You can opt for a duplicate photo finder mac to serve this purpose better. It will find the same backup photos you have transferred from your digital camera or mobile to free their space and help you erase them.

Best 6 Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac

Check out these fantastic options for duplicate photo finder mac and decide the one that suits your situation.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

duplicate photos fixer pro software for mac

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro helps the users with its innovative ability to scan based on matching levels for clearing the pictures. It effectively scans your photographs and allows you to keep the one with the perfect shot. In a limited time, it effectively provides various settings for comparing images irrespective of their format and size.


Duplicate photos fixer Pro gives accuracy and is an easy-to-use tool for fixing your same photos. It helps you in achieving real-time results with its effective quick speed. You can easily find images with similar matches or exact matches per your use. Per our verdict, Mac is one of the smoothest duplicate photo finders.

Price and Compatibility: Free Trial Version


Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


  • It assists in the proper adjustment of photos.
  • It helps the users to get external support for their connected devices.
  • Apart from Mac devices, it is also available for Android IOS and Windows devices.


  • No cons are available.

2. PhotoSweeper


If you are looking for a decent option as a duplicate photo finder mac, then PhotoSweeper can be your ideal deal. It assists the user in better analysis of libraries along with decluttering your photo collection. In a lesser time, the user can easily use the drag and drop facility for folders along with the addition of more photos either from lightroom, aperture, or iphoto.


This software lets you compare a bunch of photos on the larger screen to clear out any confusion that arises before the removal of duplicate images on your Mac device. Along with good speed, it also provides you with results of fantastic quality. There are a variety of modes - face-to-face, one by one, and all in one for users to utilize for review of the photo results.

Price and Compatibility: Free Trial


Available for Mac devices.


  • It helps Swift scan for files, whether photos aur other files.
  • It assists in providing the criteria for matching levels.
  • It assists the users with a lot of features that are pretty advanced to use.


  • This app is entirely professional and is hard to use by beginners.

3. Gemini 2

gemini 2 software for mac

Gemini 2 is a robust software that can be utilized as a duplicate photo finder mac to make ample space on your disk by identifying and deleting obsolete pictures that are no longer needed. It works amazingly for photos and other types of files like documents, music, etc. The most outstanding feature of this software is its space-themed design which is pretty sleek to look at and can be navigated easily by the users.


It is one of the best software to utilize as a duplicate photo finder Mac, which has a friendly user interface and provides easy navigation of files for deleting the same photos without a worry. Along with photos, the users can also use it for documents and audio.

Price and Compatibility: $19.95

Available for macOS version 10.10 or higher.


  • It has a friendly and clean user interface.
  • It is a very easy to use app.
  • It helps delete other files, including docs and music files, other than just working on photos.


  • The free trial of this application does not allow complete cleaning of the Mac.

4. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

duplicate photo cleaner software for mac

Duplicate photo cleaner is an excellent user-friendly duplicate photo finder mac that helps the user do the job very efficiently even if they are a beginner in this task. This software effectively detects and removes any duplicate photos from your Mac device conveniently.


This software provides the users with many scanning modes that they can utilize to cater to different requirements. However, the software provides the users with only basic features and is simple.

Price and Compatibility: $39.95 per year

Available for Mac and Windows.


  • It helps in the proper organization of images.
  • It has a pretty good user interface which is simple to understand.
  • It is easy to use even by beginners.


  • It has fundamental features to be used by advanced users.

5. Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox software comes as a complete package for users with more than 30 tools for cleanup files. You can use it to find duplicate photos, remove any temporary files, resize images or uninstall any apps, etc. It helps in making your Mac free of any same clutter.


This software is an all-in-one tool that not only assists in finding duplicate photos but also helps in resizing files and freeing up memory. However, the lack of antivirus facilities puts users’ data at risk.

Price and Compatibility: Free Trial

$19.99 per year

Available for Mac and Windows devices.


  • It helps in finding duplicate photos simply and easily.
  • It assists the users with cleaning and optimization of their Mac’s performance.
  • It is a comprehensive package tool that comes at a reasonable price.


  • It does not assist with security and antivirus features that put users’ data at risk.

6. Cisdem Duplicate Finder

cisdem duplicate finder software for mac

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a gorgeous duplicate photo finder mac That allows effective scanning of spreadsheets, documents, and music along with photos as well. It assists the user in scanning any external or internal file storage, including flash drive, camera, etc., very swiftly on their Mac devices.


This software allows perfect scanning speed for finding duplicate photos or documents and saves the user a significant amount of time. It also helps in the easy classification of duplicate files by making use of tabs and visual charts that make it easy for the user to eradicate them.

Price and Compatibility: Free Trial

$29.99 as a one-time payment

Available for Mac and as Saas.


  • It helps in detecting duplicate files in iTunes as well.
  • It assists the users in the quick deletion of the same photos.
  • It is elementary to use.


  • The exclusion list doesn't come with the software.

Bonus tip: How to Remove Duplicate Photo in Windows

easy duplicate file finder software for windows

If you have finished reading the best duplicate photo finder mac and looking for a perfect option for your Windows device, then Easy Duplicate Finder can be your ideal choice as it works for both. It assists the users in detecting duplicate photos not only on the available internal storage but also works very well for the cloud storage. It has a plethora of user-friendly tools that come with an undo button and provide support for various file formats.

Visit Site

Price: Its single computer license charges $59.95/year.

Compatibility: Windows

 Buy Now $29.95$59.95

30-day money back guarantee

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: First, you must download and install the software properly. Thereafter you have to proceed with dragging and dropping of your photo folders that you require to add to the area for Include to scan. For adding the files you need to click on the add button.

tap on the start scan button

Step 2: In case you wish your search to be precise you can include or exclude files to prevent the scan. You can also narrow your search by limiting the file size.

set up the preferences

Step 3: You can also make changes to settings along with options before proceeding with the scanning facility on your Mac. For this you need to proceed by clicking on the icon for Settings and after changes are made click on the Ok button.

delete the selected files

Step 4: Then, as soon as you hit the start button, you will see that the scanning process has begun, and the time for finishing this task depends upon the number of files uploaded for the scan. So please sit back and relax while the software is doing its job.


We have provided you with ample options for duplicate photo finder mac that will help you eliminate duplicate photos in different situations. Almost all the options work fine for photos and other stuff like files, music, etc. Some of them can be used by advanced users, while some are ideal for beginners. However, if you are looking for the best option for removing duplicate photos on your Windows device, then Easy Duplicate Finder can help you out in this case.

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