How to Uninstall Software



Sometimes you might need to uninstall software. Before this operation, please make sure that the software is not running.


Uninstall from the Start menu

Select Start and look for the app or program in the list shown.
Press and hold (or right-click) on the app, then select Uninstall.


Uninstall from the Settings page

Select Start , then select Settings > Apps > Apps & features. Or just click the shortcut link at the bottom of this article.
Select the app you want to remove, and then select Uninstall.


Uninstall from the Control Panel (for programs)

In the search box on the taskbar, type Control Panel and select it from the results.
Select Programs > Programs and Features.
Press and hold (or right-click) on the program you want to remove and select Uninstall or Uninstall/Change. Then follow the directions on the screen.