Top 6 Free Music Software for Windows in 2022

Simon Chen | Mar 08,2022 6 min read


Music-making is a prevalent passion these days and definitely not a big deal with the numerous available software and apps. You are able to churn out fabulous and intriguing melodies by integrating your creativity with the powerful functions offered by loads of free Apps.

Since Windows is the most popular platform in the world and there is no suitable alternative to a PC at the moment to install and launch a music production software and record music, mingle and organize tracks right from the desktop seamlessly, we will focus on the best free music software for Windows PC in this post. Read on and find your favorite software.

Top 10 Free Music Software for Windows

1. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is definitely a first-class music-making software on the market. It distinguishes itself by offering a host of powerful functions such as Wavetable synth and Echo, Drum Buss, and Pedal effects. 

Moreover, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and you can get a maximum of eight recording tracks gratis under the free version. It also provides you with much live performance and composition workflow for inspiration. Its Echo effect features a bunch of modes, like Ping Pong, Stereo, and Mid/Side, and the new wavetable synth includes some marvelous sounds.


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac

Price: Free version available; upgrade starts from $99

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2. Audacity

Audacity is open-source and extensive software offering a wide range of effects and tools for completing all audio editing and recording activities, compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.
With millions of downloads around the world, Audacity makes it possible for you to not only record music from a large number of diverse sources but also post-process various kinds of audio.

Plus, you can add diverse effects to your fine-tune pitch, music, treble, and even evaluate tracks using its tool to analyze frequency. Your tracks will be presented as editable waveforms for you with the help of Audacity. You are allowed to cut, copy, and paste features of your music track.

There are a host of volunteers developing and frequently updating Audacity, rendering it lightweight, stable, and intuitive in comparison to its numerous rivals. 


Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: Free

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3. FL Studio 

FL Studio is your ideal option if you are a beginner who just embark on the journey of producing music. It comes with the most fundamental protocols you need as a first-timer, from stretching the pitch shifting, cut-paste to sound correction. Furthermore, you can easily avail yourself of its intuitive and beginner-friendly interface to access powerful features.

As much as you can resort to YouTube video tutorials to obtain the explanation required on any feature, you can also get 30 synth software if you want to go with something out of the box. Therefore, there is no need to spend extra money if you have bought a controller and intend to try out some sounds to begin with. Whether you plan to record in it using a microphone, use the MIDI keyboards, or do the usual editing and mixing, this amazing software will have you covered.


Supported Platforms: Windows only

Price: Free trial available; Full version starts at $99

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4. Ardour 

Ardour is a highly integrated cross-platform music-making program that works perfectly well with Windows, MAC, and Linux OS. It was established by the united efforts of the best teams, including programmers, musicians, and recording technicians. Ardour is also a music production app focusing on functionality that really matters to users instead of constructing compelling apps for advertising purposes. 

Version 5 of Ardour is equipped with a revamped and upgraded graphic user interface sorted by tabs. Plus, Ardour also comes a host of powerful features efficiently helping you change the tempo, mixing, writing scripts, or using the plugins. Better yet, Ardour is gratis and open source with subscriptions starting from as low as $1 month.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X
Price: Free (Open Source); Subscription starts from $1

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LMMS is utterly free and multi-platform music production software compatible with Windows and Mac. It is an open-source program and a project platform for the community, facilitating the process of manufacturing beats, especially when it comes to creating high-quality music on computers. 
LMMS is equipped with five editors and loads of synthesizers that are capable of further fine-tuning your music tracks. You are allowed to further import the tracks to both MIDI, Hydrogen Project files, and the Song Editor. Plus, the program also features plugins, playback tools, and samples to make intriguing, beautiful sounds.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Price: Free

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6. Music Maker by Magix

Music Maker is a powerful and exclusive program developed for accomplished music producers and sound experts, offering a wonderful forum for creative music development in music-making professionals.
This software has accomplished significant breakthroughs in music production, mastering, arranging, recording, and more. Due to a creative algorithm and excellent plugin effects, this amazing software enables music producers to develop their ideas in line with the superb quality in this industry.


Supported Platforms: Windows
Price: Free trial available

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Wrapping up

While there are umpteen music-making software out there for music production, not all are worth it. That's why we combed through the internet and gathered up the best 6 for you. Just find your pick and create your masterpiece.

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