Wise Duplicate Finder Review: A Decent Duplicate Finder to Use

Simon Chen | Jul 28,2022 9 min read



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Our Verdict 

In this comprehensive Wise Duplicate Finder review, we'll go over its key features, the capability of finding and cleaning off duplicates, and a bunch of other parameters that you should ponder when assessing whether it's worth your money. 

Wise Duplicate Finder is a versatile tool that can assist you in finding and deleting duplicate files to free up valuable space on your devices and enhance your PC's speed and overall performance. 

Wise Duplicate Finder review

The utility will scan the whole files located in your system storage and compare them with their name, size, and content to find the real duplicates. The whole process costs fairly little time compared to the laborious manual method. With this powerful software, all you have to do is run the scan and then remove the unwanted files as per your needs.

It also comes with a host of features helping you find empty files, and delete duplicate audio, videos, documents, and other files. Better yet, there is no need to worry about losing the file mistakenly, as its Backup and Restore function enables you to recover the selected files with a click.

Parameter Score(10 Points)
Duplicates Finding  9.5
Overall Performance 9.5
Features 9.5
Pricing 9.0
Interface 9.0
Support 9.5

Now that you have understood the software's working, let's start with the Wise Duplicate Finder review and figure out whether the software is worth using. 

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Table of contents

Parte 1. Wise Duplicate Finder: Main Features

Parte 2. Wise Duplicate Finder: Pricing

Parte 3. Wise Duplicate Finder: Support

Parte 4. How to use Wise Duplicate Finder

Parte 5. Wise Duplicate Finder: Alternative software

Parte 6. Final verdict

Main Features

With a plethora of screen recorders available, why should you choose Wise Duplicate Finder? Well, we have some compelling reasons for you. Let's take a look at the most critical features in Wise Duplicate Finder:

1. User-Interface

Wise Duplicate Finder comes with an intuitive and simple interface that makes deleting duplicate files quite straightforward. Still, this interface may also get you confused since you won't be able to navigate through easily.

2. Find Empty Files

There is a high chance that you get loads of empty files or zero-size files after cleaning out files on your hard drive. To save you from the painstaking finding process, Wise Duplicate Finder helps you locate and delete them apace without any hassle.

3. Compare Modes

The software is equipped with three compare modes, which are helpful for you to take action in accordance with it. 

4. Manage Any Type of Duplicates

Various files will accumulate over time and take up the valuable room on your hard drive. To help you out of the plight of running low on the disk space frequently, Wise Duplicate Finder will find and get rid of unnecessary duplicates, leaving your PC a faster and better performance.

You are also allowed to choose any type of duplicates to manage with this tool, including locating duplicate photos, videos, documents, etc.

5. Multi-lingual

One of the key advantages of Wise Duplicate Finder is that it is available in multiple languages, covering English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic, German, and Greek.

Wise Duplicate Finder review

6. Exclusion list

The ignore list or exclusion list inhibits the specific files from being removed by mistake. You can add those before using Wise Duplicate Finder, which can be found under the Options.


Wise Duplicate Finder review

7. A Quick Review of Wise Duplicate Finder Main Features

Wise Duplicate Finder comes with loads of features that distinguish itself from its competitive counterparts. Here are more details you can learn:

Features  Yes or No
File types Selection   Yes
Fast Scan   Yes
Batch processing     Yes
Finds Empty Files   Yes
Automatically deletes   Yes
Preview Pane    Yes
Given file sizes    Yes
Supported Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, both 32bit and 64 bit.  Yes
Support multiple languages   Yes
Support for master search paths   No


Wise Duplicate Finder is not a freebie. Yet a free version is offered during the trial period, and you can directly download it from the separate download button at its official website.  

Wise Duplicate Finder review

The current price of Wise Duplicate Finder Pro is USD 14.95 after a self-applied coupon. Considering its powerful and exclusive features, the price is surely reasonable. Also, a 60-day money-back guarantee is available. So you don't have to worry about the withdrawing money issue if you are not utterly satisfied with the software.

Instructions: How to Find and Delete Duplicate Files Easily?

1. Search Duplicate Files

Step1. Set the match option

There are three duplicate compare modes you can choose - "Match Name and Size," "Partial match," and "Exact match." The ultimate result and the consumption of time will vary depending on your choice. The Partial match is the default mode. So you can skip this step if you prefer this option.


Wise Duplicate Finder review

Step2. Select the filters

You are also allowed to set the file size and type of duplicate files to be found.
Say if you want to locate duplicate files of mails which is larger than 15 KB, you'll need to set the Minimum value to 15 KB and click the drop-down menu of File type, and select Mail files.


Wise Duplicate Finder review

Step3. Select locations you prefer. 

Wise Duplicate Finder enables you to scan multiple locations. You can select partitions or folders. Click the button Add folder if you want to scan the specific folders.


Wise Duplicate Finder review

Step4. Scan and search duplicate files

Click "Scan" to start searching for duplicate files in the selected location.


Wise Duplicate Finder review

2. Delete Duplicates

After scanning, you'll need to select which duplicates you want to delete. There are two select modes available. 


Click the checkbox in front of the File Name to choose the files to be deleted.


Wise Duplicate Finder review


The group of "Select" in the Home tab offers features of the "Keep One" and" Invert Selection" option. You can utilize the Keep One feature to quickly select multi duplicate files.


Wise Duplicate Finder review

3. How to Backup and Restore Files?

Wise Duplicate Finder can automatically backup the specific files to the directory before deleting to keep you from getting rid of the correct files.

Tips: To use the automatic backup function, you'll have to use the "Delete Selected" button.


Wise Duplicate Finder review


You are allowed to enable or disable the backup function in the Option tab. Also, you can alter the storage directory of the backup file based on your need.


Wise Duplicate Finder review


In the Restore window, you'll be able to check the backup files. To recover the deleted files to the original locations, you need to select a backup file and click the Restore button.
Alternatively, you can click the Delete button to delete the selected backup file utterly.


Wise Duplicate Finder review


The installation and launch speed of Wise Duplicate Finder were fairly fast. As for scan speed, it's also decent. Better yet, the utility will swiftly create the scan summary for you to review. You can avail yourself of the separate option to preview the images on the right side, which will render your process quite fast. 

Alternative Software

In this part, we will offer you other decent alternatives so that you can make a more reasonable option.

Parameter Wise Duplicate Finder Duplicate File Detective Duplicate Cleaner

Start from $19.95

Buy Now

Start from $30

Visit Site

Start from $39

Visit Site
Duplicates Finding 9.5 8.5 9.0
Backup and Restore
Find Empty Files
Manage Any Type of Duplicates
Delete Duplicate Copies Manually or Automatically
Sort out Your Image Collection

Final verdict

Wise Duplicate Finder is a powerful software for finding and removing duplicate files. Not only can it manage any types of duplicates, but it enables you to find empty files and restore the files you delete accidentally. However, its interface is kind of plain and simple, which may confuse people who are new to this software.

Should I buy Wise Duplicate Finder

Expert’s Rating:


  • It is quite easy to use.
  • It enables you to restore files being deleted by mistake.
  • You can easily filter options of scanning and locate the exact files.


  • No notification is offered when the scan is done.


Wise Duplicate Finder logo Start from$19.95
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Start from$19.95
Buy Wise Duplicate Finder

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


What is the difference between Free and Pro?
The Pro version of Wise Duplicate Finder differentiates itself from the Free version in that it comes with the Keep One function.
Is Wise Duplicate Finder safe?
Absolutely! The utility is 100% safe to use.
What is the difference between the three compare modes?
Match Name and Size: Only match file name and size. Partial Match: Match part contents of the file and MD5. Exact Match: Match the entire contents of the file and MD5.

Wise Duplicate Finder

Start from$19.95

30-Day Money Back Guarantee