How to Share Spotify Music on Instagram Story[Step by Step Guide]

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Spotify is a massive digital music service that offers millions of songs in various styles and genres. In 2018, Spotify partnered with the social networking app, resulting in a smooth integration. Thanks to this update, you no longer need to take a screenshot of the song you want to share. Instead, you may share a styled preview of the song with a direct link to Spotify so that others can easily find it.

Assume you've discovered a fantastic song. You might want to share it with your friends or family so they can experience the same ambiance and mood as you. Open the Spotify app and share the song, then select Instagram from the list of sharing choices. This will take you to the social networking app, where you may make changes to your tale before sharing it with all of your followers or just a few close friends.

How to Share Spotify Music on Instagram Story

Step 1: On your phone or tablet, launch the Spotify app. Tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen once you've chosen the music you'd want to share.

spotify tap three dots

Step 2: Select "Share" from the menu.

spotify select share

Step 3: From the list of sharing choices, choose "Instagram Stories."

spotify select instagram stories

Step 4: This will launch the Instagram app, populate the song symbol, and automatically link to a news story post. Before posting, you can change your tales, such as adding text or stickers. After you've finished modifying your post, go to the bottom of the screen and tap "Send to."

spotify edit before sharing

Step 5: To share the music, tap "Share" next to "Your Story."

start sharing

How to Share Spotify Music on Instagram Story via Third-Party App

You must first edit the video before you can add a song to it and share it as an Instagram post. Many free video editing software and programs allow you to incorporate music into your videos. When you're done, publish the video to your Instagram account. InShot is a free video editing app with many features and is very easy to use. Follow these procedures to add music to your videos before uploading them on Instagram:

Step 1: Open the app and select "Video" from the "Video" menu. Then select "New." Choose a video from your library that you'd like to edit.

inshot select video Select an Image

Step 2: Tap the "Music" button in the bottom left corner. Choose "Tracks" from the drop-down menu.

inshot select music

Step 3: Select your track.

You can choose music from the featured playlist, import music from your computer, or even extract audio from another video.

inshot import tracks

Step 4: Tap the bar with the track's title at the bottom of the screen to adjust the timing, fade, or other variables related to the audio.

inshot edit track

Step 5: Tap the checkmark when you're done. Then, in the top right corner of the screen, tap the "Export" button. Then hit "Save" after choosing your resolution and framerate.

inshot save file


1. Can I add Spotify music to my Instagram story from the desktop or the web player?

No, the desktop app or web player does not allow you to share Spotify music on Instagram.

2.  Is it necessary to have a Spotify Premium subscription in order to share Spotify music via Instagram stories?

No. To share a song on your Instagram story, you don't need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber.

3. Why Can't I Add Music to My Instagram Stories?

Having trouble getting the song you want to play in your Instagram story to play? Here are some things you could try in an attempt to resolve the problem:

  • Make sure you're using the most recent version of Instagram.
  • It's worth noting that Instagram music might not be available in your area just yet.
  • Due to constraints, you may not be able to incorporate some tracks in your Stories if you're using a Business account.
  • The song you're looking for might not be in Instagram's music database, or it might be blocked for legal reasons.

4. Can I add music from music services other than Spotify to Instagram Stories?

Sure. You can, for example, connect Shazam to Spotify or Apple Music and then add the music to your Story from there. Other popular music apps, such as Soundcloud, can be used similarly. Download them to your phone and share them.


In this article, we went over how to publish Spotify music on Instagram stories in great depth. You now understand how to post Spotify music on Instagram stories. Both methods are simple to apply and produce good results.

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