The Meaning of Popular Emojis on Instagram & Facebook

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Emojis are a great way to breathe life into your boring, bland, dull message. Whether it's a short tweet, a lengthy post, or day-to-day conversations, emojis are seen and loved everywhere.

While more than 20 billion emojis are available, each has a different meaning to make the message more impactful. The crying emoji, for example, can be used to show sadness or frustration – but it can also be used to indicate that you're joking around.

Similarly, some emoticons come in interesting facial expressions, while others are used to symbolize food, weather, party, and other interesting elements of our day-to-day life.

Whether you're new to the internet or using it for a while now, learning the meaning of these emotions doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Take a look at the meaning of some of the most popular emojis on Instagram and Facebook.

50+ Popular Emoji Meanings on Instagram & Facebook

1: Laughing Cry Emoji

Laughing Cry Emoji

Meaning: Extreme happiness, the feeling of joy, or nonstop laughter 

Description: Known as the laughing cry emoji, people use this to show their laughter or giggle a little.

2: Hysterical Laugher Emoji 

Hysterical Laugher Emoji 

Meaning: Sarcasm, Taunt

Description: Emoji is used to express intense happiness and convey laughter in response to something done or said funny.

3: Loudly Crying Face Emoji 

Loudly Crying Face Emoji 

Meaning: Sadness, Distress

Description: As the emoji shows, it's used to express intense sadness or dissatisfaction, showing tears streaming down the Face. 

4: Kissing Emoji 

Kissing Emoji 

Meaning: Passionate for love

Description: The kissing emoji is an expression of love among friends, family, lovers, and couples as a sweet gesture. It can also be used as a friendly way to say "thank you."

5: Smiling Face with Hearts Emoji

Smiling Face With Hearts Emoji

Meaning: Charming, delightful

Description: This charming Emoji shows a blushing face with a wide smile, symbolizing positivity. 

6: Smiling eyes with a pleasant smile 

 Smiling Eyes With a Pleasant Smile

Meaning: Happy, Cheerful, Joyful

Description: It can be used to express happiness, satisfaction, or positivity.

7: Grinning Face with smiley eyes Emoji

Grinning Face With Smiley Eyes Emoji

Meaning: Showing Joyoux Side

Description: This Emoji is used to express a humorous effect showing the person is cheerful, excited, or curious. 

8: Pleading Face Emoji

Pleading Face Emoji

Meaning: Requesting,Asking for sympathy

Description: An emoji with a pleading face shows a person is requesting something, trying to gain sympathy.

9: Smiling Face with an Open Mouth Emoji 

Smiling Face With an Open Mouth Emoji 

Meaning: Jolly, Joyous

Description: The wide grin shows the person is happy and satisfied with excitement. 

10: Face with eyes rolling 

 Face With Eyes Rolling 

Meaning: Cringery, Ridiculous

Description: This Emoji shows sarcasm and sometimes annoyance to the other person. 

11: Winking Face Emoji 

Winking Face Emoji 

Meaning: Sharing humor or showing smartness  

 Description: A winking face with a subtle smile shows a wink, showing that someone is playfully joking or flirting in a non-obvious way.

12: Pondering or Questioning Emoji

Pondering or Questioning Emoji

Meaning: Curiosity

Description: Using the thinking emoji implies that a person is curious to know something you know about.

13: Smiling Face Emoji

Smiling Face Emoji

Meaning: Cherishness, Friendliness

Description: The slightly smiling face emoji is often used in formal conversations to say, "I'm fine." 

14: Smiling Face with Sunglasses 

Smiling Face with Sunglasses 

Meaning: Sharpness, Clever

Description: When someone uses this Emoji, there's a big chance that he's trying to be smart and carefree. 

15. Sad Face Emoji

Sad Face Emoji

Meaning: Sadness or Distress

Description: The yellow Face filled with sadness is a sign that the person is upset, guilty, or embarrassed about something.

16: Face with tongue out

Face With Tongue Out

Meaning: Yummy, delicious

Description: The Emoji is used to convey a fun feeling, remembering a delicious dish to eat.

17: Tired face Emoji 

Tired Face Emoji 

Meaning: Tired, Distressed

Description: The Emoji is used to show stress, frustration, or dissatisfaction with the current situation.

18: Smiley Face with an open mouth 

Smiley Face With An Open Mouth 

Meaning: Twinkling, Smiling

Description: This Emoji is often used to indicate that someone is joking or being sarcastic. It can also be used to flirt.

19: Confused Emoji

Confused Emoji

Meaning: Confusion or disinterest 

Description: This Emoji expresses confusion, ambivalence, or mixed feelings.

20: Shock Emoji

Shock Emoji

Meaning: In shock, surprising

Description: This Emoji expresses shock, surprise, or awe.

21: Naughty Emoji

Naughty Emoji

Meaning: Mischievous Behavior

Description: This Emoji indicates that someone is being playful or mischievous. 

22: Hug Emoji 

Hug Emoji

Meaning: Hugging, Cuddling

Description: The Emoji shows affection and shares a gesture of love. 

23: Thinking Face Emoji 

Thinking Face Emoji 

Meaning: Thinking, Pondering, or Questioning 

Description: The Emoji reflects a person's curiosity to discover an unknown secret.

24. Flushed Face Emoji 

Flushed Face Emoji 

Meaning: Flushed Face 

Description: The flushed Face depicts a clueless facial expression because of perplexion or confusion.

25. Crying Face Emoji 

 Crying Face Emoji 

Meaning: Crying Face, upset or in pain

Description: The crying face emoji is often used to express agony or sadness regarding a situation.

26: Drooling Face Face Emoji 

Drooling Face Emoji 

Meaning: Desirable expression

Description: The drooling Emoji shows you're desirable for something.

27: Guilty Face Emoji 

Guilty Face Emoji 

Meaning: Guilty, Embarrassment

Description: The emoticon shows embarrassment due to any guilt or grief in the heart.

28: Grinning Face with Star Eyes Emoji 

Grinning Face with Star Eyes Emoji 

Meaning: Grinning Face, excitement 

Description: This Emoji conveys excitement, amazement, and happiness. 

29: Grimacing Face Emoji 

Grimacing Face Emoji 

Meaning: Nervousness 

Description: As the name depicts, the grimacing face emoji is used to express nervousness, perplexion, or awkwardness regarding a situation.

30: Neutral face Emoji 

Neutral face Emoji 

Meaning: Irritated, natural, untouched 

Description: The neutral face emoticon is a strange emotionless emoticon.

31: Sleeping Emoji 

 Sleeping Emoji

Meaning: Tired, drowsy, or weary 

Description: The sleeping Emoji is used to show tiredness and sleepiness.  

32: Smiling Face with Halo 

Smiling Face with Halo 

Meaning: Relieved, calm, angelic 

Description: The smiling Face with halo emoji is used to show the angelic or innocent side of a person.

33: Smiling face with horns

Smiling Face With Horns

Meaning: Cheeky, devil, naughty.

Description: The smiling Face with horns emoji is used to show the devil or mischievous side of a person.

34: Disappointed Face 

Disappointed Face 

Meaning: Upset or remorse 

Description: The disappointment emoji shows remorse, disappointment, or anger.

35: Kissing Face with closed eyes 

Kissing Face with closed eyes 

Meaning: Puckering for a kiss

Description: The kissing emoji shows a pink face blushing to get a kiss. 

36: Woozy Face Emoji 

Woozy Face Emoji 

Meaning: Confused, perplexed, or dazed 

Description: The woozy face emoji shows confusion or in awe of something.

37: Wow Emoji 

Wow Emoji 

Meaning: Wow, surprised, amazed 

Description: The emoticon shows the expression of surprise or amazement to the viewer.

38: Secret laughing Emoji 

Secret laughing Emoji 

Meaning: Humor, taunt, sarcasm

Description: The Emoji shows a slight sense of sarcasm to give a little funny or mischievous feeling.

39: Sick Emoji 

Sick Emoji 

Meaning: Sick, unhealthy, or tired 

Description: The sick Emoji shows red cheeks and a thermometer showing the person is sick.

40: Yuck Emoji 

Yuck Emoji 

Meaning: Disgusting, savory, bitter

Description: The yuck emoji shows a facial expression puking up.

41: Puking Emoji 

Puking Emoji

Meaning: Disgusting, remorse 

Description: The Emoji shows a person feeling disgusted or grossed out about something. 

42: Red heart Emoji 

Red Heart Emoji 

Meaning: To love or to be loved

Description:: The red heart emoji signifies love, affection, and care. 

43: Folded hands emoji

Folded Hands Emoji

Meaning: Prayer, requesting 

Description: The Emoji is used to plead or request something, often in prayers. 

44: Party Popper Emoji 

Party Popper Emoji 

Meaning: Party, enjoyment 

Description: The party popper emoji refers to the celebration. 

45: Fire Emoji

Fire Emoji

Meaning: Hot or Sexy 

Description: The red hot burning fire emoji compliments someone looking hot and sexy, or simply shows the weather is ht. 

46: Facepalm 

Facepalm Emoji

Meaning: Frustrated or dumbfounded 

Description: The frustrated or dumbfounded Emoji shows someone confused or dumbfounded. 

47: Shrug Emoji 

Shrug Emoji 

Meaning: Clueless

Description: The shrug emoji expressions are often used to say, "I don't know." 

48: Birthday Cake Emoji

Birthday Cake Emoji

Meaning: Celebration

Description: The birthday cake emoji addresses celebrations, often birthdays.

49: Clapping hands sign Emoji

Clapping Hands Sign Emoji

Meaning: Round of applause

Description: The clapping sound emoji shows a round of applause.

50: Okay hand sign emoji

Okay Hand Sign Emoji

Meaning: Perfect

Description: The okay hand sign emoji is used to say okay, well done, or perfect.

51: Eyes

Eyes Emoji

Meaning: Sneaky flirtatious

Description: Eye emoji means the person is trying to be flirtatious or mischievous.

52: 100 points symbol

100 Points Symbol

Meaning: 100% approval

Description: The 100% points symbol shows genuine approval and likeness towards something.

Sum Up

These were some of the standard emojis and their meaning so you can be on point the next time you use the emoticons in your conversations. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, emojis get less confusing when you know their meaning to use in your texts or captions.

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