How to Convert M4B to MP3 on Windows/Mac/Online

Atif Zaheer | Jun 24,2022 7 min read

This article will briefly cover the conversion process fromM4B to MP3.You might have heard of the M4B format if you prefer reading virtual audiobooks. It is exclusively designed for the distribution and storing of MPEG-4-based audiobooks. It contains audio tracks, markers, information about chapters, hyperlinks, and images.

However, listening on a few devices is not convenient because M4B is not much compatible. There are several ways to convert the audiobooks fromM4B to MP3. Get to know about such simple methods by reading below the article.

How to Convert M4B to MP3 on Windows?

easeus video converter software for windows

EaseUS video converter is one of the best tools in the market talking about convertingM4B to MP3.It also helps transfer the media files as per your preferred video formats with fast speed. It presents a wide range of output presets options covering all the major devices.

Through the EaseUS video converter, you are free to decide the format and quality of your converted file. You are all set to enjoy your video clips anywhere, anytime. Make sure to download this amazing software to ease your overall process.

Key features:

● Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible even for beginners

● Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 versions

● Support conversion of various files simultaneously

● Takes a few minutes to convert fromM4B to MP3

● Requires a click to merge your converted files

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Price: It costs $9.95/Monthly, $29.95/Yearly, and $59.95/Lifetime.

Compatibility: Windows

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Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Open the software on your device

On the Windows PC, open the EaseUS Video converter. Proceeds to 'Choose Files' then 'Audio converter' for adding the targeted audio files.

click on the choose files option

Step 2: Import your audio file

Go to settings and select audio and choose MP3 as the format of your output. Users are free to decide the quality as per their requirements.

select the mp3 format

Step 3: Confirm the conversion procedure

Visit the main interface and press the 'Convert All' icon to begin your conversion procedure.

tap on the convert all option

How to Convert M4B to MP3 on Mac?

Method 1: iTunes

iTunes is commonly regarded as an iPhone management tool and a media player; it could be a great tool to convertM4B to MP3. This method is preferable for Mac OS and Windows OS.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1:Firstly, launch iTunes, and visit the audiobook panel. However, the decision is if you want to sign up for the iTunes account or not since you can proceed further without logging in.

Step 2:Import your M4B files into iTunes

tap on the preferences option

Step 3:Visit the iTunes preference followed by general and import settings. Tap on the 'import using' menu and ensure the selection of the MP3 encoder.

select the mp3 encoder option

Step 4:In the Audiobooks section, select your M4B files. Move to the iTunes menu.

tap on the create mp3 version

Step 5:To create an MP3 version, select file>convert and then create. If you are a Mac user, select advanced and create the MP3 version in your iTunes menu.

Hence, iTunes would start converting your audiobook fromM4B to MP3.

Method 2: Audacity

Another reliable and free method for convertingM4B to MP4is using Audacity.

Being an editing software that is not only free but also open-sourced, Audacity can be used as a makeshift converter. The basic workflow is importing an M4B audio file and exporting it as MP3 and skipping your editing part.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1:Go to the official website of Audacity to complete the download process for Mac or Windows. Launch it.

Step 2:Start installing FFmpeg for Audacity for reading all M4B files. To install FFmpeg you have to visit its official site. If you don't proceed with this, Audacity will be unable to import your M4B file.

Step 3:After that, simply drag & drop your M4B file into Audacity. Simple go to the files section. Enter Ctrl+Shift+I to import your audio.

convert m4b to mp3 using audacity

Step 4:Opt for the section you need to convert to MP3. Mostly the entire track is selected. You can enter Ctrl+A to select your whole track. Visit file>Export> export your file as MP3.

Step 5:Look for your output location and affirm it.

Step 6:Upon exporting, the metadata editor would also be launched by Audacity. Before exporting, you are free to edit the artist, comment, title, and any other info for your M4B audiobook.

Step 7:Click on 'OK,' and the conversion process fromM4B to MP3will start.

Method 3: VLC

It can be said undoubtedly that VLC media players can also be used for audio and video conversion. It's the best software to convertM4B to MP3temporarily. However, it might not be ideal if you need to convertM4B to MP3in bulk. Also, the output MP3 comes out twice the size of its original M4B file size after conversion.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1:Download and launch VLC; proceed with the following menu> Media > Convert.

tap on the file option

Step 2:Import your M4B audiobook files into your VLC media player. Simply drag & drop your M4B files into VLC. Click on the 'convert' icon on the left part.

select audio as mp3 option

Step 3:You will notice a new settings window; tap on the dropdown menu in your profile. Set your audio as MP3.

Step 4:The default setting of VLC is 22.05kHz for your MP3 audio. Change that by tapping on the wrench icon next to your profile settings.

choose the destination of your file

Step 5:Select the destination of the output. Press on start to convertM4B to MP3from VLC.

How to Convert M4B to MP3 Online

1. Name: Cloudconvert

cloudconvert m4b to mp3 converter online tool

Description: CloudConvert is a conversion site developed in Germany. Currently, it's recognized as one of the highly used format converters having around 10,000+ customers. It provides support to 200 formats from presentation, audio, e-book, spreadsheet, document, video as well as image. It's also a safe platform using SSL encryption.

Editor's suggestion: CloudConvert tops the priority of every user to convertM4B to MP3.You also get access to a free plan and adjust it further per your needs. It lets free users convert 1GB of files and a maximum of 5 concurrent conversions. To know more about the plan, you can learn about their different packages at their site.


● Gives you the option to convert a lot of high-quality files

● Supports bulk conversion

● Compatible with numerous cloud services

● Platform/Device independent


● The free limit usage is 25 conversions per day

● Might encounter timeout error because it limits the bandwidth, thus causing complications to convert larger files

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2. Name: FreeConvert

freeconvertm4b to mp3 converter online tool is a popular online tool for converting document files, images, and video audio. You just need to drag & drop the files and convert up to 20 files at once. It doesn't require any type of registration or installation of any software to use. Maximum file conversions offer advanced features so that you can control your output file.

Editor's suggestion: The Free Converter Converter is the most convenient tool to convert your video files fromM4B to MP3. The process just demands execution of select and tapping on convert to start the procedure. Although depending on the size of your file, the time varies. Your selected profile and format options also influence the conversion time. Hence you should give it a try.


● No encounter of unnecessary ads while converting

● Doesn't mess up your downloading speed

● Converts your files easily

● Batch conversion


● Doesn't export to Dropbox or Google Drive

● Offers comparative fewer features in comparison to other tools

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3. Name: MP3Cutter

mp3cutterm4b to mp3 converter online tool

Description: MP3Cutter is a great tool to edit your music files simply in an easier way. The application supports merging and cutting your audio files, including OGG, MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc. The application is designed in such a way that it would make the overall process of editing your music fun and engaging.

Editor's suggestion: MP3Clutter doesn't give access to advanced tools such as noise removal and profiling, and you won't be able to edit your audio channels separately. Nevertheless, it's too easy to use. Even beginners can edit the audio file even if they have never done it. You can control everything through simple sliders and buttons with no complex settings and menu to complicate beginners.


● User-friendly interface

● Just a simple click would let you control the volume button

● Doesn't consume a lot of space

● Speedy performance


● Run slowly when it is working with big files

● Less reliable than other software

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Different types ofM4B to MP3converters are available in the market. This article will introduce some of the famous tools mostly used for this purpose. For Windows, you should opt for the EaseUS video converter. It's the best in the market because of its accessible features. You can learn about it and many other software in detail in this article.

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Price: It costs $9.95/Monthly, $29.95/Yearly, and $59.95/Lifetime.

Compatibility: Windows

 Buy Now $9.95$19.95

30-day money back guarantee

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