[Tips] How to Change Date and Time in Windows 10

Emmanuel | Jul 22,2022 6 min read

Windows 10 allows users to change the date and time of the system on their own, but few users aren't aware of how to change date and time in Windows 10

change date and time settings in windows 10

If your date and time in Windows 10 keep changing, then it might be because of 

  • Dead CMOS battery
  • If your windows time failed to sync
  • The inappropriate setting of your timezone on your device

Such minor inconveniences can give rise to situations like:

  • Missing out on the schedule of your important meetings and conferences
  • Failing to complete your projects as per the deadline
  • Missing your webinars 

That's why you must ensure the date and time on your Windows is appropriate. Manually changing the date and time is inconvenient since it consumes a lot of time and effort. That's why users switch to some other simple methods. This article teaches how to change date and time in Windows 10 in two simple ways.

2 Ways to Change Date and Time in Windows 10

Method 1: Use PC Settings to Change Time and Date

Windows settings, and PC settings, are essential components of Microsoft Windows. It allows making significant adjustments as per users, the configuration of your operating system, and the management of the connected devices.

Execute the step-by-step guide below to adjust your Windows 10 time and date setting.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Tap on the right side of the Windows start menu and set settings.

Step 2: In your settings window, click on time & language.

tap on the time & language option

Step 3: Switch off your 'set time' automatically option. Under the change time and date tab, press on 'change.'

tap on the change option

Step 4: Set the time and date yourself and tap on the 'Change' icon to make the significant changes.

set the correct date and time

As you can see, the method to change your date and time on Windows 10 is straightforward. However, if you prefer to refer to another way, read further to learn more about the same.

Method 2: Use Taskbar to Change Time and Date

The taskbar is considered a vital element of the Windows OS, located at the bottom of the screen. It allows finding and launching programs via the start menu or viewing any of your currently open programs. You can quickly check the date & time running in your background at the right corner of your taskbar.

The step-by-step guide below explains how to change date and time in Windows 10.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: On your taskbar, press right-click on the clock button. Choose to adjust your date or time from the menu.

click on the adjust date/time option

Step 2: Locate your time and the date section and switch off the set time automatically.

tap on the change icon

Step 3: Click on the 'Change' icon under the change time and date tab.

change the time and date

Step 4: Set the date & time manually, and tap on 'Confirm' to save all the changes made.

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An incorrect computer time can delay your schedule, from meetings to webinars and other important stuff, making it essential to take care of such strange errors. Following this article, you must have learned a simple solution to your query: how to change date and time in Windows 10.

You can use any of the earlier methods, like PC settings and taskbar, to change the date and time in Windows at your convenience. Now get rid of such minor issues quickly that can invite grim circumstances. 

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