How to fix Dev Error 6068 in Warzone

Dinesh Lakhwani | Mar 04,2022 5 min read

Call of Duty Warzone players often reported facing Dev Error 6068 while launching the game. It usually sends the player back to the desktop, and the game stops responding or completely shuts down.

 But there's no need to panic. This guide will walk you through 6 easy solutions to fix the issue. 

Top 6 Solutions to Fix Dev Error 6068 in Warzone

The Dev Error 6068 in Warzone mainly occurs when a host computer runs an outdated gaming driver or has corrupted Windows. Besides this, it also occurs due to random game bugs, corrupted or damaged game files, third-party programs intervention, etc. 

Understanding the reason behind the Dev Error 6068 on your computer will help you choose the right solution. 

Solution 1. Run Warzone on DirectX 11

Solution 2. Update graphics driver

Solution 3. Update Windows operating system

Solution 4. Expand virtual memory

Solution 5. Repair game files

Solution 6. Turn off Nvidia G-Sync

Solution 1. Run Warzone on DirectX 11 

Many players have suggested that running Warzone on DirectX 11 has fixed the Dev Error 6068 for them.

Step 1. Launch > Select Call of Duty: MW > Options > Game Settings.

go to Game Settings

Step 2. Under the Game Settings window, check the box next to the Additional command-line arguments. Type -d3d11 in the input field and click on the Done. Now, Warzone will run on DirectX 11.

run warzone on directx 11

Solution 2. Update graphics driver 

The Dev Error 6068 might be related to a DirectX issue. That means outdated or corrupted graphics drivers might be the main problem here. In that case, check whether a PC is using the latest GPU driver. If not, update graphics driver before applying any other fixes. 

The quickest and easiest way to do the job is using Driver Easy. This paid tool can automatically download the latest graphics driver on your computer. 

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Step 1. Download and install Driver Easy, then run it and click Scan Now

Click Scan Now to find all the missing, outdated or mismatched drivers

Step 2. Wait patiently until Driver Easy finish scanning your computer and listing any hardware with missing, outdated or mismatched drivers.

Step 3. Click Update All to download and install all the new drivers automatically.

Click Update All to download and install all the new drivers

Solution 3. Update Windows operating system 

Besides the outdated GPU drivers, outdated Windows OS can also trigger the Dev Error 6068 in Warzone. Therefore, make sure to update a computer system with the latest Windows OS to improve compatibility and security. 

Step 1. Press Windows key and I to open the Windows Settings and then click on the Update & Security. 

Step 2. Click on the Check for updates. If there are any updates available, download and install them. 

update windows OS

Solution 4. Expand virtual memory 

Virtual memory works as additional RAM when a computer system is running out of memory. Thus, it is good to increase a computer's virtual memory to smoothly a big and resource-consuming application like Warzone. 

Step 1. Press the Windows logo key and type advice system settings. 

Step 2. Click on the View advanced system settings. 

Step 3. Click on the Settings under the Performance section. 

Step 4. Go to the Advanced tab and click Change under the Virtual memory.

Step 5. Uncheck the 'Automatically manage paging file size for all drivers' option and then select Customize size.

Step 6. Type Initial size and Maximum size as per the physical memory of a computer. Finally, restart the PC to fix Dev Error 6068 error.

expand virtual memory

Solution 5. Repair game files 

Sometimes broken or damaged Warzone games files can also trigger the Dev Error 6068 message. In that case, players can replace the corrupt game files through 

Step 1. Launch the Blizzard app on the computer. 

Step 2. Go to the Game tab and select the Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Step 3. Open the Options and select Scan and Repair. 

Repair game files

Step 4. Wait for a few minutes. Once the process is complete, try to run the game to see if the problem is fixed. 

Solution 6. Turn off Nvidia G-Sync

Nvidia G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive sync technology that can eliminate screen tearing. But sometimes, it can intervene with Warzone files and forcefully shut down the game. Therefore, many players have found the Dev Error 6068 gone after turning off Nvidia G-Sync on their computers. 

Step 1. Right-click on the desktop and select the NVIDIA Control Panel from the popup menu. 

Step 2. Click on the + sign next to Display and select the Set up G-SYNC. 

Step 3. Uncheck the box next to Enable G-SYNC and save the settings.

Turn off Nvidia G-Sync

Step 4. Just restart the computer to check if the Dev Error 6068 still comes while playing Warzone. 

Sum Up

That concludes our Dev Error 6068 in the Warzone guide. All these solutions can effectively fix the Fatal Error 6068 for most users.

On parting thoughts, we would like to recommend our readers to get a Driver Easy program even if they aren't encountering Dev Error 6068. That's because the tool will always keep system drivers updated, so you never have to worry about driver-related issues. 

Further, contact support if none of the solutions worked for you. Also, if you have any other suggestions to fix Dev Error 6068, do them jot down in the comments. 



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