Top 10 Sites to Free Download EPUB in 2022

Atif Zaheer | Mar 04,2022 5 min read

Books are an essential aspect of life, and ebooks are making a massive impact in the education world. eBooks are rapidly replacing traditional books in the market, causing the need for eBooks to increase with time.

However, eBooks are not always within reach as they sometimes come at a considerable price. But you can always get free ones from specific sites. You can enjoy the benefits of the book world by visiting suitable sites to download as many books as you want.

There are various sites for the free download of EPUB. Downloading from these sites is relatively easy, straightforward, and cost-free. You can download as many EPUBs as you want at these sites.

Top 10 to Free Download EPUB in 2022

Here are the top 10 sites you can visit to download EPUB eBooks;

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle free EPUB downloader

When it comes to downloading EPUB eBooks, there is no doubt amazon kindle is one of the best places to visit. It is known for providing both paid and free eBooks to users. They provide several kinds of eBooks, ranging from fiction to romance, science, and so on. It is one of the best choices for your EPUB download. Amazon Kindle is also the right place to go if you have books you want to publish.


2. FreeBookSpot

FreeBookSpot EPUB free downloader

FreeBookSpot is also a perfect place for you to visit for your EPUB download. You can download eBooks for free at this site without making a payment. You can go for your preferred book choice and easily download EPUB eBook. They have an extensive collection of eBooks of about 50,000 books and over 100 categories to choose from.


3. LibriVox

LibriVox free EPUB downloader

If you are an EPUB eBook enthusiast, then you should visit LibriVox to enjoy your eBook surfing to the fullest. You can get several eBooks from the site and fulfill your eBook-yearning desire. LibriVox is a bit different from other free eBook sites as they offer audiobooks that you can also listen to. You can enjoy listening to and reading books at this site.


4. LearnPub

LearnPub free EPUB downloader

LearnPub is one of the popular eBook sites you can come across. They have varieties of books that will suit your interest. They offer both paid and free eBooks to users. You can visit the site and download your preferred EPUB eBook. You can also publish your books for people to see.


5. Project Gutenberg

 Interface for Project Gutenberg

Searching for a perfect site for downloading free eBooks is likely to lead you to Project Gutenberg. It is one of the best sites to download EPUB eBooks for free. It has a collection of books in various niches. You can download as many eBooks as you want from Project Gutenberg without paying for them.


6. Open Library

Open Library for free EPUB download

Open Library is an online library where you can read and borrow books. You can also sponsor your preferred choice of books at this library. The library has several books ranging from romance to biography, science, fantasy, recipes, and many more. It offers PDF and EPUB formats. You can also have access to audiobooks in this library.


7. Google eBookStore

Google eBookStore for free EPUB download

You should not expect google to be left behind when it comes to providing books for users. Google eBookStore offers one of the classy services for free EPUB download. You can visit the store to download EPUB ebooks of your choice. You can enjoy quality books that can help increase your knowledge scope.


8. LibGen

LibGen for free EPUB download

LibGen is also a perfect place to visit to download eBooks. You can download your desired choice of eBooks from LibGen without paying. It functions as a search engine than a library, but you cannot in any way experience reduced efficiency or quality. You can easily find books on various topics and quickly download the ones you want.


9. Open Culture

Open Culture for free EPUB Download

Another perfect site for you to visit for easy EPUB download is Open Culture. At Open Culture, you can download as many eBooks as you want while enjoying the freedom of selecting from a wide variety of niches and topics. It is highly suitable for students as it contains books with educational content.

It also offers books in audio forms, movies, and online courses. It is an excellent place to download EPUB eBook.


10. Many Books

Many Books EPUB free downloader

Here is another online library where you can get numerous collections of eBooks. Many Books contain over 50000 books from different categories, niches, or genres. It is a place you should visit if you do not want to run out of options when picking your choice of eBook. You can explore the romance, adventure, action, fantasy, etc., categories to your satisfaction. You should download the eBook and enjoy your stay on the site.



You can visit any of these sites to download and enjoy your eBook surfing activities. You do not have to be stranded when you want to download EPUB eBooks, and you do not want to make unnecessary payments. These sites are here to your rescue as you can download as many eBooks as you want without any issues.

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