15 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone [2022]

Atif Zaheer | Jun 06,2022 6 min read

As you like to wear the latest clothes to flaunt your style, attractive wallpapers on your make your phone are noticeable. There are times when people also judge you based on your mobile's wallpaper along with your appearance. So to make a great impression, you must have live wallpaper for iPhone that everyone falls for instantly. Sometimes Google does not provide you with the perfect and latest wallpapers that easily adjust their resolution to fit the iPhone screen.

That is why we have got you fabulous options for live wallpaper Apps for iPhone for your reference.

15 Best Live Wallpaper Apps Options for iPhone

1. Icon Skins & Themes

icon skins and themes.png

A catchy user interface icon skins and themes is a great wallpaper app that provides images in high definition. There is a 30-second deal-breaker ad that cannot be skipped, but by paying $5.64 for three months, you can always upgrade to the premium version. The wallpapers collection is updated weekly and includes many handmade wallpaper designs. The in-app tool lets you blur the wallpapers as well.

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2. Kappboom

kappboom live wallpapers

Kappboom assists you with amazing wallpapers and helps the users with famous quotes, facts, and drink recipes. With more than 2 lac wallpapers options, it provides a slideshow option, and the drag and drop tool lets you add backgrounds while finding images having similar tags. There is an option of searching for preferable photos online as well. The ad-free version is available for $2.41, and the users can get premium features at $9 per month.

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3. Magic Screen

magic screen.png

The Magic screen provides you with a variety of animated wallpapers and customized backgrounds where the user can create even a collage of wallpapers for their lock screen. This free app is available for $1.20, where the user can remove ads and turn any of their pictures into GIFs and live wallpaper. Alternatively, they can share their created wallpapers with the help of Wi-Fi.

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4. Unsplash

unsplash live wallpapers

Unsplash is a fabulous community where photographers and artists submit creative photos. This free-to-use app has a vast collection of wallpapers where users can easily search for a particular image. There are no ads in this app, and you can use the live wallpaper in HD quality. The photos are crisp and clear and look pretty attractive to find on either the home screen or lock screen.

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5. Papers.co

papers co

Papers.Co lets you search for stunning pictures of art, people, sunset, spring, space, etc., along with the preview facility on the lock screen of your iPhone. With a simple click, you can apply the wallpaper of your choice, and it can be either a favorite football team, vintage art, or whatever you like. There are more than 500000 wallpapers available for free. However, you can always upgrade to the premium version by paying $4.70.

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6. WOW Pixel

wow pixel live wallpapers

If you are fond of retro images, then the WOW Pixel app provides you with segregated categories of wallpaper choices. It showcases wallpapers in the form of 8-bit adventures wherein there are selected heroes where each one has its own story displayed in the form of attractive wallpapers. These wallpapers focus on sadness, happiness, anger, etc., conveyed to the users. This app is available for free, but you can also opt for unlimited access by paying $29.49 per year. The wallpapers work well on a good range of iPhone X to iPhone 6s, including other variants in between.

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7. Walli

walli cool wallpapers

If you are looking for a creative option for wallpaper, then the Walli app provides you with wallpapers designed by the best graphic artists around the world. There is much categorical division, including cute, hipster, funky, retro, and many more wallpapers. Here you can also follow any of your favorite actors and visit their website and social media accounts. With the multiple-choice of sizes, this application is available for free with at and per 4K wallpapers you may need to spend $2.99 per week.

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8. Vellum Wallpapers

vellum wallpapers

This excellent live wallpaper app for iPhone provides users with numerous options for their favorite background, making a treat for their eyes. There are options for previewing wallpapers on the home screen and the lock screen even without exiting the app. Along with this, you can also set a blurring option for the wallpapers. The wallpapers are organized neatly for easy accessibility for the user into different themes. This application is available for free and comes with a lot of ads. However, you can also avail of it by paying a one-time fee of $4.70 for removing the ads.

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9. Everpix

everpix cool wallpaper

If you have been looking for HD wallpapers, then Everpix Has 4000+ wallpapers for your iPhone, and the collection gets updated regularly. The user can easily browse them for various categories in high definition for free. There is a favorite option with which the user can easily mark their favorite wallpapers for accepting them later on. The users can easily preview the wallpapers where unlocking the grid costs a premium plan of only $2.29.

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10. Live Wallpapers Forever

live wallpapers forever

Live wallpapers forever is an app that has a variety of categories like abstract, animals, and more to make your iPhone screen look prettier. It comes with many different tabs that are available for free and are in trend too. Here you will get mesmerizing wallpapers for decorating your screen. However, to lock the premium wallpapers, the user must ship to the premium version available at $7.99 per month.

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11. IntoLive

intolive wallpapers

Into live wallpapers take the iPhone's home screen to another level as it allows the user to create them either from videos or if the user already has them. There is a facility for editing these videos, and if it does not take much time for the users, it can be applied easily as a live wallpaper. The free version comes with a few limitations, but the paid version is available for $4.99.

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12. Wallcraft

wallcraft wallpaper

Unlike other live wallpapers applications, Wallcraft Requires its users to subscribe for accessing the rich-looking live wallpapers. There are pretty, high quality, and stunning images from the ocean beauty to the space and almost everything in between for mesmerizing the users. It also has an exquisite and impressive library where daily photos and art are added. The basic version is available for free, while the process of creation costs you around $0.99.

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13. Black Lite

black lite live wallpapers

If you have an iPhone with an OLED screen, then BlackLite live wallpapers can be the best option. These awesome live wallpapers also save battery life and provide a black background where beautiful gems are morphed in the middle. In a free version, it offers some varieties, but if you opt for the more varied premium version, it costs only $0.99, which is quite affordable for the users.

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14. Live Wallpaper 4K

live wallpaper 4k

Live wallpaper 4K allows you to get exquisite outer space-themed animation and natural beauty pictures as live wallpapers. Various categories include snow and water in HD, Galaxy HD, night out, bokeh effect in HD, and many more. Alternatively, you can also turn and transform them into life photos along with the wallpapers. There is a lot of variety to explore each day, and have a new wallpaper on your iPhone Screen, even for your special occasions. This application is available as a premium; however, some in-app purchases options start from $1.99.

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15. ThemeNow

themenow live wallpaper

With the ThemeNow application, You can bring your iPhone Screen to life as it has many varieties of moving backgrounds in HD quality. A vast range is available for life wallpapers, including nature, science, abstract designs, animals, etc. Moreover, the latest live wallpapers are added daily to this database, which is straightforward to use. The users can enjoy this app in a free version; however, the premium version unlocks many features at just $7.99 per week. This application also provides a family-sharing option, which is helpful during the festival season or a family get-together.

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With the list of the above given fabulous live wallpaper apps for iPhone, you can surely stand out from the crowd and download any one of them as per your preference or liking. We have mentioned the unique specialty of each application, and most of them are available for most iPhone devices. If you fall for applying animated background on your latest iPhone, then be prepared to drain some extra battery and keep it charged regularly.

We have provided you with options for animated wallpapers if you are in a fun mood, whereas if you wish to keep it, simple Black Lite provides you with elite live wallpapers. With WallCraft and Walli apps, you can get an insight into wallpapers associated with art in different forms. We hope you will find these apps helpful and will be able to make the right decision to make your iPhone screen look mesmerizing.

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