7 Best Web Browsers for Roku

Atif Zaheer | Mar 04,2022 7 min read

Currently, there are various media players platforms available with diverse features and uses. Roku is one such option, with diverse benefits like free, premium, live TV access, music player, support for various top streaming services, and more.

Despite the several benefits, the number of usability benefits is limited. You can use some of the best web browsers for Roku to guarantee a better user experience, smoother performance, accessibility, and viewing quality. For the best results, we suggest you download and install a reliable VPN service provider like NordVPN or ExpressVPN to protect your browsing experience.

So, ready to get a better viewing experience on Roku? Go through this post to learn about the best options you have available.

7 Best Web Browsers for Roku

There are different types of web browsers available that are compatible with the Roku platform. We tried out many web browsers to check how they work with Roku. Here are our picks for the best Roku web browsers available.

1. Opera

One of the best web browsers for Roku or any other digital platform without much issues. Expect guaranteed protection during the streaming experiences due to its fast and intelligent technology integration. Users can expect high-quality security and privacy benefits here.

opera web browser

It is accessible on different types of devices like desktops and smartphones. Easily connect Roku and other devices with Opera and share your files digitally. This application has other high-quality features for better privacy, like free VPN support.


  • Possible to import bookmarks, access files, and opera gaming.
  • Ad-blocker option available.
  • Video pop-out function above the webpages.
  • It is compatible with different app interfaces, like integrated messengers, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


  • The process of website loading takes time.
  • Strict licensing and coding.
  • Opera-based extensions are not easy to detect.

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2. Xfinity

Xfinity is one of the most usable options for easy and high-quality browsing and streaming experience. This connects to Roku and other digital platforms easily. You can use it conveniently for different streaming experiences. These include viewing channels like local news or live sports.

xfinity web browser

Users get high-quality plan customization options while using this browser for a smooth and consistent viewing experience.


  • Diverse features are available.
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface usage quality.
  • Multi-device and platform support for this web browser.
  • Many build-in features are available.


  • There are restrictions available for features and services in some areas.
  • Xfinity xFI is only available to users of Xfinity internet services via Xfinity Gateway.
  • The Flex version is not accessible for many Xfinity Video users.

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3. Web Video Caster

Among the different options available for the Best Roku web browsers, Web Video Caster is one of the best ones available. It allows users to easily watch different types of media content across various device types. You can easily watch a wide variety of streaming content via Web Video Caster, like live news or sports streaming, tv shows, movies, and IPTV.

web video caster

You can use this browser and make it work on different devices with Android 4.1+ support, like Fire TV, Android TV, and Fire TV stick.


  • Cast different types of streaming and local video content.
  • Suitable with various types of device types.
  • Connects with Smart TV.
  • Displays subtitles and different subtitle styles, video resuming, mp4, Mkv, m3u8 formats, etc.


  • Not compatible with devices not compatible with Android 4.1 or older versions.
  • Best for Android users only.
  • May be complex for some viewers.

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4. Firefox

One of the best options available in the market that pairs perfectly with Roku is the Firefox browser. Here, expect high-speed browsing performance and high-quality support benefits.

mozilla firefox browser

The customization features available under Firefox are high-quality as well; you can personalize your viewing experience with ease. Change the colors or stream your video through the browser window in a picture-in-picture format for more effortless multitasking.


  • Faster browsing experience compared to many other browsers.
  • Strong privacy policies in place and technologies, like DNS/HTTPS (DoH).
  • Smoother internet-based streaming via Roku TV integration.
  • Easy to download and use daily.


  • Roku casting cannot work with Windows.
  • It is not compatible with iOS for Roku casting.
  • Limited feature list.

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5. The Roku Channel

One of the best options you can try out besides the conventional web browsers is directly using the Roku Channel. It was launched in 2017 and is a suitable software option to watch different video content easily. Users can easily install and stream entertainment, sports, news, and reality show types.

the roku channel

This Roku browser allows users to search and stream different types of media content easily. The compatible options include premium TV content, Linear live TV, free movies and TV, Kids TV, Roku originals, and more. Users can go to the official Roku website or connect their Roku device to access The Roku Channel.


  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • The media content options update regularly.
  • Ad-supported video content is available for free.
  • A wide range of media content is available.


  • The 40+ premium subscription benefit is available for U.S. users only.
  • Free trial lasts for a limited period.
  • Does not support all Roku devices.

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6. Chrome

Chrome browser is one of the most valuable options available for steady and safe internet browsing. However, the platform is not directly compatible with Roku, which works with a device that remotely carries out the functions. Here, the best option available is to screencast or a screen mirroring technique.

chrome browser

With this method, you can view different video content on any device, if available at a close distance from the TV screen. You can download a screen-mirroring software and run it to screencast Roku onto the Google Chrome browser or app.

Steps to screencast on Chrome

Step 1: Access Settings > Display.

Step 2: The Cast Screen option would come up.

Alternatively, for Xiaomi users, use Settings > Connection & Sharing > Cast.

Step 3: Open the Main menu on the top right-hand side corner of your screen. Access and verify the Enable Wireless Display box.

Step 4: The Roku option would appear on the "Cast Screen" portion.

Step 5: Click on the icon to Connect. Everything visible on your device would appear on the Roku TV interface. Access the Chrome browser to search and view Roku TV content.


  • This method works with different devices like tablets/smartphones/desktops.
  • Windows and Android devices have a pre-loaded screen-mirroring function.
  • Supports different media types like web pages, music, photos, videos, etc., for Roku TV viewing.
  • Wireless connection is possible.


  • Screen mirroring is only possible for Roku OS 7.7+ users.
  • Updating Roku OS for screen mirroring manually can take time.
  • Not easy to complete for complete beginners.

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7. Web Browser X

The best free web browser for Roku is undoubtedly Web Browser X. This best web browser for Roku offers a simple design that can be readily modified by anyone. However, if you try to discover media material or YouTube, it will not work very well.

web browser x

In terms of web pages, you can merely access websites, save your favorite pages, and do a lot more. The left and right, up and down buttons on the Roku remote may be used to explore web pages.


  • Browser X delivers rendered pages with clickable links.


  • Links with no text go to unknown pages.
  • Not able to fill in website forms.
  • Videos are not played.

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Overall, you can use various options for smoother Roku TV usage using various web browsers. The Opera browser is a suitable option with various features, while you can also directly use the Roku Channel for video streaming. Use the screen mirroring method if other options are not possible for you. For the best experience, though, we suggest that you download secure ExpressVPN software to ensure safe browsing first.

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