What are the Best Free PDF Websites for Book Reading

Emmanuel | Apr 22,2022 6 min read

With PDF being widely used these days, having a PDF website to get your books comes in handy. Reading is an essential technique to acquire knowledge and better understand the people and environment around us. Because PDF can be read on various devices and apps, it would be beneficial if we could download free PDF e-books to keep with us. Enlisted here are the top 10 free PDF websites to download.

1. Internet Archive Books

2. PDFDrive

3. PDF Search Engine 

4. BookFi

5. PDFBooksWorld

6. ScienceDirect

7. Calameo PDF Downloader

8. ManyBooks

9. Obooko

10. Free-Ebooks.net

Internet Archive Books

The Internet Archive Books is a free online library that houses lots of free books, videos, and other materials. Some books in the collection are free of charge reading and download. Many others are only available for borrowing and reading through their online book reader. Internet Archive Books has thousands of subjects and themes in numerous languages. This is the greatest place to go if you're seeking classic and scholarly books, as well as certain out-of-print books.

Internet Archive free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • No download fee is required
  • Books available in virtually any category
  • Their books are available in numerous languages

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PDF Drive is your go-to online platform for free PDF books, journals, comics, articles, and more, with more than Ninety million e-books in its collection. You can easily search, preview, and download PDF e-books on this site. PDF Drive's collections are constantly updated and increasing, providing consumers with a vast database of PDF e-books. Many professional themes are covered in PDF Drive's e-books. PDF Drive has various additional features in addition to previewing and downloading. You can purchase a paper book, change it to EPUB, and send it by email or kindle.

PDFDrive free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • The download is completely free
  • Best for professional and academic books
  • The advanced option allows you to send books directly to email or kindle

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PDF Search Engine   

PDF Search Engine is a robust search engine, as its name suggests. You can browse through billions of free Downloadable ebooks and MS Word files from this page. It's an easy-to-use PDF Search Engine as it uses several search engines such As google, Yahoo, and Bing. Type your search detail into the search field and click the "Enter" button; many results pages will display in a flash. Users can also include their PDFs to PDF Search Engine. So you may scan a paper book, change the photos to PDF, and upload it to the site for others to read.

PDF search engine free online pdf site

Main Features:

  • All categories of books are available for you to choose from
  • Supports other formats including Ms Word, RTX, CHM, TXT
  • Allows you to convert images to pdf and share them with other readers

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BookFi is one of them. Bookfi is amongst the most prominent multiple language internet libraries globally, with millions of volumes available. You can read your preferred e-books online and download them as PDFs to your device whenever you find them on BookFi.

BookFi free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • Supports only PDF format
  • There are no limitations to the categories of books available, no matter what your choice is.
  • Books on BookFi are available in multiple languages
  • The download is completely free

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PDFBooksWorld is an e-book provider that specializes in digital books authored by famous authors from the past. PDFBooksWorld's aim is to bring these well-known works into the digital age in PDF e-books. Professionally prepared PDF versions with readable Text sizes, ToC, Graphics, and Internal Citation Links are included in the e-books here. Essays, short stories, and fiction are the most popular PDF categories on this site.

PDFBooksWorld free online pdf site

Main Features:

  • Best for novels, fiction, and essay books
  • A good place to go if you are looking for some old out of print
  • Supports only PDF format
  • The download price is free

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ScienceDirect is the primary provider of peer-reviewed publications, helping you obtain in-depth information and insight for your research. It is created on a variety of high, credible, and multidisciplinary research. ScienceDirect assists researchers in locating information ranging from basic science to cutting-edge research. They have over 16 million articles in their database and countless e-books and journals, many of which can be saved as PDF e-books.

ScienceDirect free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • A major site for academic papers and books
  • Only PDF format is available
  • Not all books and articles are free

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Calameo PDF Downloader

Calameo Downloader is an unrestricted utility that allows Calameo users to download whatever book or journal as PDF e-books. Calameo has more than ten publications. However, this platform only works with Calameo articles permitted to be downloaded as PDF by their authors. If you can't locate a PDF link to download here, it's because the publisher hasn't approved for the book to be downloaded. Calameo's e-books cover a wide range of themes that are both interesting and relevant to everyday life.

Calameo PDF downloader free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • Categories include fashion, sports, cooking, cars, music, traveling
  • Download is free
  • Only PDF format is available

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Since its inception in 2004, ManyBooks has offered an extensive library of electronic books for free online. ManyBooks has evolved in the last decade into a place wherein self-publishing writers can distribute and publish brand new books. The site's primary genre is fiction. The majority of the eBooks on ManyBooks are available for free reading online and download in PDF and other formats.

ManyBooks free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • The main category is fiction
  • Supports other formats like EPUB, MOBI, HTML
  • Download is free

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Many of the top contemporary e-books are available for free on Obooko. Many of the publishers on Obooko have good track records, and all of the e-books on the platform are available for free download in full length as PDF books, Epub books, and kindle books. However, to download them, you must first register as a member. Obooko publishes a wide range of genres, encompassing romance, comedy, adventure, science fiction, and non-fiction in healthcare, travel, technical, business, and politics.

Obooko free online PDF site

Main Feature:

  • Supports PDF, EPUB, and Kindle formats
  • Requires membership registration to have access
  • Download is free
  • A good place to get fiction and non-fiction

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Independent and new authors, imaginative writers, and even bold provocateurs are all featured on Free-Ebooks.net. You may sample e-books for around 18 pages before adding them to your collection. Users can view any HTML-formatted e-books online for free. Premium users can get five free e-books each month in PDF and TXT formats. Once you're a lifelong V.I.P. member, you will then have access to download all of the e-Books in whatever form you like for the rest of your life. You can choose any form with any device, including the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or any other eReader or tablet.

Free-Ebooks.net free online PDF site

Main Features:

  • PDF, EPUB, TXT formats supported
  • The download is free for five books every month
  • Categories: fiction, academic, non-fiction, classics, audiobooks

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All listed websites are valuable and excellent resources for downloading PDF textbooks. They have a distinctive layout that allows you to navigate the website quickly and simply. Of course, the greatest website is tailored to your specific needs and interests.

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