Top 10 Best Free Online Libraries in 2022

Atif Zaheer | May 05,2022 9 min read

Books provide fuel for the intellect by boosting our imagination and creativity and functioning as a constant friend in loneliness. Purchasing a new book every time, on the other hand, might quickly drain your bank account. Thankfully, there are many free books available online that can be read or acquired for free.

Are you searching for an online library? We've gathered a list of the top 10free online libraries where you may read or download high-quality eBooks without spending any money.

Open Library

The main objective of Open Library, a project of the well-known Internet Archive which acts as an online library of Web sites, is to create a "single platform for just about every book ever written."

On the website, you may read loads of free books in various formats, including EPUB, DJVU, MOBI, and PDF. You can search for excellent books on various topics and genres, including fiction, autobiographies, politics, science, art, and so on. Open Library also includes an advanced search feature that allows you to look for eBooks by title, author, or even a favorite sentence from the book.

open library free online library site


ManyBooks is a beautiful resource for bibliophiles looking to satisfy their thirst for fantastic books, with over 50,000 free digital books publicly available. The site offers various books in eReader formats such as Kindle and other prominent formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT, and others.

ManyBooks makes searching for books a breeze, with beautifully organized books in many genres. It also contains a section with Suggested and Featured Authors that might assist readers in choosing their next ebook.

The genre, author's name, and the number of words are all included on every ebook item on this site. Because most of the material on ManyBook is in the public sphere, you can safely and for free download ebooks.

many books free online library site


Feedbooks provides a massive library of free original and public domain books. The website boasts a user-friendly layout with well-organized categories of ebooks ranging from short storytelling to mystery novels, action to fantasy, history to academic works, and more.

Each book's Download page contains valuable information, including synopsis, number of words, reading hours, and publication date. You may download books in filetypes like EPUB, MOBI, and PDF for free on the web without having to register.

Feedbooks search tools make finding new reading material simple, and it features categories like Bestsellers, Latest Releases, and Editorial Reviews that can assist you in finding new ebooks online.

feed books free online library site

Project Gutenberg

This website offers users a diverse reading library, with more than 57,000 free books available for download. Project Gutenberg does not collect a membership fee or ask you to sign up because it is a volunteer initiative to make books freely available.

There are many free ebooks on various themes, ranging from Classics to Periodicals, History to Social Sciences. You can search for specific titles or browse by genre, and you can download files in EPUB, MOBI, Kindle, HTML, and plain text format.

project gutenburg free online library site


Europeana is a fantastic site for finding free literature. More than 50 million books for free, arts, artifacts, videos, and music from Western museums, galleries, library resources, and archives are available on the site.

europeana free online library site


This site has free online books in every area you can imagine. If you're seeking a particular instructional textbook or self-help book, Bookboon can help you find it. Numerous free ebooks are available to download and read on this website. Go to the accessible area and fill out a few fields to download books. The website is well-organized and easy to explore.

Bookboon also has books in different languages such as German, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, Czech, French, and English.

bookboon free online library site


This site's slogan, "Read Anywhere. Anytime," explains it all. Fiction, nonfiction, and academic publications are available for free on Free-eBooks.

The website has a highlighted area that highlights the best ebooks of the moment and excellent books from the past. To locate what you're looking for, look through the categories. Although there is a monthly maximum of 5 ebook downloads, all of which must be in PDF format, the website's extensive choice of free great books compensates for this.

free eBooks free online library site


Smashwords is the place to go if you're seeking work of literature by independent authors. This ebook directory features content from independent writers and publishers from all over the world. Smashwords' online book library encompasses different topics and genres, including adventure, business, classics, fiction, history, religion, philosophy, and many others. Before looking for an ebook, be sure to click the "free" tab.

You may use simple filter tools such as the number of words and ratings to locate ebooks that match your preferences and download ebooks in various formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDB, and TXT.

smashwords free online library site


If you're looking for nonfiction material, Wikibooks is a good place to start. The site contains a large number of ebooks on themes such as Social sciences, Engineering, Computing, Science, Linguistics, and other academic fields.

The website is simple to navigate, and the division of subjects into various segments makes it a lot easier to access specific content. You can read books online or download PDF versions to read offline. Its Featured Novels area highlights books that a large portion of the Wikibooks community enjoys, making it easier for other readers to choose which ebooks to read.

wikibooks free online library site


Is your preference to listen to books than to read them? Take a look at LibriVox. It's a free audiobook library. Volunteers read the entire audiobooks as part of a project to create high-quality recordings of historical works.

Although audiobooks are not technically ebooks, they are a terrific way to consume books while on the go and keep you occupied. It is also highly beneficial to the visually challenged, as it allows them to experience great works of literature for free. The books are available in MP3 format, with links to the ebook editions available on each title.

Librivox free online library site


All of the above-mentioned online bookstores have a good selection of books. Furthermore, these websites have not been included in any particular sequence, so go ahead and wow yourself with many free ebooks available on these sites. I'm confident you won't run out of books anytime in the foreseeable future, given the abundance of reading material they provide.

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