How to Gift a Book on Audible [2022 Updated]

Atif Zaheer | Jun 29,2022 9 min read

Audible is a platform that has thousands or even millions of audiobooks consumers can buy and share, making it easy to give an old classic or a new release. The largest selection of audiobooks may be found on Amazon Audible, and sharing or gifting audiobooks on this platform is simple and easy with the help of the Internet.

But while Audible audiobooks are encrypted, some customers, particularly newcomers to Audible, might not know how to share or gift a book. This article will discuss easy methods to gift a book to your friends and family on Audible.

Method 1. Gift Audible Books Through 'Gift this Book' Option

Step 1: launch Audible on your device or visit the official website if you do not have the app.

Step 2: Click a book title to get into the book's overview page. You can explore Audible's best sellers or give books from your collection as gifts.

gift audible books through gift this book option step 2

Step 3: Select 'Give as a gift. You'll find this below the icons to buy the item with credit cards or cash.

gift audible books through gift this book option step 3

Step 4: Select to deliver the gift as an email or downloadable card. You will be asked to provide some details, along with the receiver's details, regardless of the mode of sending.

gift audible books through gift this book option step 4

Step 5: Verify the details of your payment. You must confirm your payment method after entering the receiver's details.

Step 6: Select 'Confirm Purchase.’ You'll receive an email validating your purchase and identifying the gift recipient.

gift audible books through gift this book option step 6

If you want to share the book from your library, follow the methods below:

Step 1: You can find a list of the audiobooks you already bought and downloaded by visiting the library section of your profile after launching the app

Step 2: Select "Send this Book" from the pop-up menu after tapping the "more" symbol beside the book you wish to share.

Step 3: Select the option you would use to give your friend access to the book. Select "Send" from the menu.

Step 4: Type the second owner's email address and password, then select "Verify Account."

Step 5: Click "Create Household," then accept the terms.

To share Audible audiobooks with others after setting up a household account.

Step 6: Visit Audible's "Manage Your Content and Devices" section, where you would select the electronic Audible book files to add to or delete from your books.

Step 7: Click the button labeled "Content.” Pick the audiobook you would like to share, then click "Show Family Library." Choose "Add to Library" from the menu.

gift audible books through amazon household sharing step 7

Once complete, all shared materials from your family library will be accessible to users with the same Household account.

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how to convert an encrypted ebook for reading anywhere step 2

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how to convert an encrypted ebook for reading anywhere step 3

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how to convert an encrypted ebook for reading anywhere step 4

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You can easily use one of the two methods described above to share and gift Audible books with friends or family. The first method requires purchasing the book, while the second method is primarily used within the family. It is highly advised that you convert your Audible audiobooks since once you have done so, you are free to share them with anyone. The Epubor Ultimate offers excellent features and can easily be deployed to convert your ebooks anywhere and to any format you choose.

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