How To Find Clothes From A Picture in 2022

Atif Zaheer | Jul 01,2022 10 min read

There are situations where you have come across an outfit in a picture that has caught your imagination you wish to buy it for yourself. But, there is perhaps no way you would find it easy to find the clothes from a picture. You don't need to worry anymore. If you have come across clothes you love, some apps and services will help you identify the clothes and assist you in enjoying a decent and exciting performance in finding the clothes.

Where to Find Suitable clothes Online?

It is always a dream to wear the same clothes that celebrities have worn. That would be more so if the celebrity in question is a trendsetter. Identifying the clothes can be a little difficult, and fans tend to search several online stores that let you get a glimpse into the best clothes celebrities have worn.

There are plenty of techniques to help you get your clothes in style and wear them the same way your favorite celebrities have worn them.

Farfetch –If you are into designer clothes that provide luxury performance excellence, Farfetch should be the right one you should go with. You can search for popular items like Gucci belts or Isabel Marant sneakers.

Etsy –This has been regarded as exciting for vintage clothes. It should be your best choice for the such as the clothes from the 50s, 80s and even 2000s. Check the individual sellers, though, before making a buying decision.

Madewell –This is the worthiest choice for a great range of sizes. Suppose you are finding it a little challenging to find them for your sizes. You would also see them offering you quality items.

How to find clothing from a picture in 2022?

It was pretty challenging to detect the clothes that the celebrities were wearing. However, technology has changed it, and you can now find clothes from a picture with ease and simple steps. Let us explore a few of the tools that can prove to be handy enough.

1. Google Lens

Find Clothes From A Picture using Google Lens

Google Lens has a robust performance in enjoying a great degree of experience in identifying clothes and other personal accessories. It should make it relatively easy to identify the clothes that you have found online. It also provides you access to an easy-to-use functionality in finding the things around you with ease.

You can download the standalone Google Lens app if you are an Android user. If you are on iOS, you can download the Google Photos app. It can also work from within the web portal of the service.

The steps

  • Launch the Google Lens app
  • Go to the photo that you are looking to search for
  • Click the camera icon on the app.
  • The Google algorithm will instantly detect the item.

2. Amazon StyleSnap

Amazon StyleSnap is yet another excellent feature that you would find quite intuitive. This is a clothes-specific search engine on Amazon shopping. You need to click on the camera icon on the Amazon StyleSnap feature.

The service works only with the clothes and will not be helpful with other accessories, as in the case of Google Lens. You can even use the image from your gallery to check if the clothes can be identified.

The steps

  • Download the Amazon app and launch it.
  • In the search bar, click the camera on the app.
  • Click on StyleSnap and point the camera at the clothes.

Amazon StyleSnap, used to find clothes from pictures

  • You can also upload your picture.
  • Now, It will find the clothes you want to buy.

3. Asos Style Match

The app is specifically targeted toward the ASOS inventory but should also be a good tool for identifying most of the other products. You can take a picture or upload it to the app to get the perfect matches immediately.

However, the service is a little annoying because it is limited to ASOS products. It may fail to identify the exact matches. This app can make it not the right choice for a broader search.

The steps

  • Download the ASOS app.
  • In the search button, click on the camera icon.

Find clothes from a picture by using the Asos Style Match app

  • Click on the picture that you want to upload.
  • Get your results right away.

4. Lykdat

The availability of filters and an advanced search option should further make it an excellent opportunity for finding clothes from a picture. This prominent alternative would make it a great choice because the tool does not need you to install it on your device.

It simply works as a web browser. It can work with ease from the web app on your browser. The ease of use and the capability of exact match results would make it stand apart from the rest.

The steps

  • Go to the Lykdat website.
  • Click on the Search with an image.

Find clothes from an image on the Lykdat website

  • Upload your image. You can even crop it.
  • Get the matches and results.

5. Pinterest Visual Search

Pinterest is one of the primary methods for providing the best images and image searching. It is a great and promising way for the perfect visual search feature tool. The Pinterest Visual Search feature inside the Pinterest app is what would make it a genuinely formidable choice.

A prime aspect that would make it genuinely formidable is that it provides you with shopping links for the products it has detected. Pinterest does it through collaboration with ShopStyle. It can also be a superlative choice for obscure fashion accessories.

The Steps

  • Download Pinterest app
  • Click on the search option
  • You can either take a new picture or upload your existing image.

Find Clothes by using the Pinterest Visual Search Feature

  • That does it, and you can get the exact matches.

6. Use a Reverse Image Search App

Using a reverse image search should be yet another powerful way in assisting you in finding the clothes from a picture. If you found the methods used in the previous sections did not work for you, the reverse image search can prove to be one of the powerful choices.

Find Clothes from a picture using a reverse image search app

Applications such as CamFind and Photo Sherlock can prove to be a great choice in the long run. You add up your images to the app or use your camera for the images to shoot. The apps should begin automatically searching for the image. You would get a multitude of results.

The steps in this list would primarily be based on the individual apps. You can check out the reverse image searching options as per your preferences. That is precisely why we cannot discuss the steps here.


This Android app is considered a perfect choice for getting access to one of the unique experiences ever. The app is regarded as a perfect choice for searching for fashion online and making recommendations.

The service supports over 350 E-Commerce sites and provides you access to over 1500 brands. You can check out as many fashion products as you would want to. The visual search engine can be one of the prime worldwide methods to search for similar clothes online.

The Steps

  • Install the app from Google Play Store.
  • Click on the Search tool
  • Select the clothes that your want to find

Find clothes using app visual search engine

  • That's it. Now It will find similar clothes across multiple E-commerce Stores.

The Concluding Thoughts

Identifying the clothes using your phone should never be magic in today's world. It was something relatively unheard of just a few years ago but has become a reality due to the technological advancements we have come across. The apps and tools outlined in this compilation should make it easy to pick your files easily.

Depending on the individual situations and requirements, you can pick the right choices for the best ways to find clothes from a picture with ease.

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