How to Clone SIM Card [2022 Updated]

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A SIM, or tiny smart card, is found within most mobile phones. This SIM's task is to recognize and verify the contact number utilizing your cell phone. Similarly, this SIM is made up of a microprocessor or microcontroller and a little storage that allows it to be functional, meaning it can execute commands and handle algorithms for its services, such as PINs, passwords, access codes, and so on.

You may need to clone SIM cards when changing phones, and you cannot just insert the SIM card into the new phone. Cloning your SIM makes sure you don't lose any data. This article will discuss four simple methods to help you clone a SIM card.

How to Clone SIM Card

Method 1: SIM Cloning Tool

The MOBILedit Forensic is a SIM cloning program that you might use to clone your previous SIM.

This tool allows you to see a plethora of info on your cell phone that is generally hidden or looks to be removed. Devices save crucial information such as call history, contact information, texts, photographs, recorded conversations, videos, etc. The software gathers all necessary parts from the target phone with a single tap and provides detailed information on a pc that could be saved or printed.

Step 1: Install the program on your system.

Step 2: Take the SIM card out of the phone.

Step 3: Attach it to the PC using the SIM Card Clone Device.

Step 4: From the main menu, launch the SIM Clone tool. You'll see the SIM Clone page open, and you'll be able to clone your SIM card.

Step 5: To view the information in the old SIM card, select the Read SIM option. You get to pick which data to replicate after the data has been read.

Step 6: After putting a writable SIM card, the Write SIM icon becomes active. Allow for the procedure to finish.

clone sim card

Method 2: IMSI and KI Number

A SIM card does not include a telephone number but instead an ID number that allows the phone to be identified by the network. The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number found inside the SIM is vital since it will allow the cloned SIM to operate effectively.

The Ki (Authentication Key), which will be used to verify a user at a provider, is another important item to retrieve from the old SIM. The operator will guarantee that the IMSI and other SIM details are accurate and are components of a genuine card through this verification, allowing you to clone the SIM card.

Let's have a look at how to clone a SIM card using the IMSI and KI numbers:

Step 1: Switch off the phone, disconnect the battery, and eject the SIM card then copy the IMSI number from the SIM card.

Step 2:Place the SIM Card Reader in the port for the SIM card (you could get one online).

Step 3:Hook your SIM card reader onto your system and your SIM card so that the KI number may copy the data. The replacement SIM would be a duplicate card after the process is completed. To use, insert it on your smartphone and turn it back on.

Method 3:Programmable cards

You could also employ programmable cards to clone a SIM card; however, you'll need the following items to do so:

● Empty SIM programmable Cards: Such cards are available without phone numbers and can be purchased online.

● A SIM Firmware Writer lets you copy several numbers to a single SIM card.

● Install Woron Scan: Reading Tool

● Then focus on SIM for at least 30 minutes.

Use the instructions below to learn how to clone a SIM card using a programmable card:

Step 1: Attach the SIM Reader, run the Woron application, and obtain the SIM of the phone.

Step 2: Setup the program to clone the SIM card

Step 3: Perform an IMSI search. When the results display, note them down and then begin the ICC Search, noting the ICC number as well.

how to clone sim card step 3

Step 4: to write configurations on the Empty SIM Card, plug it and allow some moments before running SIM-EMU. Then continue to the configure page and add the information acquired from the Woron detection process, including IMSI, KI, and ICC. For the remaining information, add:

For ADN/SMS/FDN# (ADN= Abbreviated Dialing No./

SMS = No. of SMSes stored on SIM /

FDN = Fixed Dialing No.) Enter: 140 / 10 / 4

For the phone number, use an international format, such as +1 (the international code) for the USA, then the number.

how to clone sim card step 4

Step 5: start writing. Choose the Write to Disk option and give the file the name

how to clone sim card step 5

Step 6: Mount the card provided with the card writer, then add the relevant contents in the correct sections to flash the contents on a blank SIM card.

how to clone sim card step 6

Step 7: complete the writing tasks. When it's finished, select ok, and the SIM copying is accomplished.

how to clone sim card step 7

Method 4: CLONEit

CLONEit is a fantastic mobile cloning program that is ideal for copying content from a SIM card. It has a transmission speed of up to 20 megabits per second, making it one of the quickest mobile cloning tools on the market. It can copy texts, contact information, and phone records, among other things. It also has a very simple user dashboard that makes it exceedingly simple to use.

Step 1: Install CLONEit on both sending and recipient android phones. Launch the application and choose "Sender" for the transmitting device and "Receiver" for the receiving phone.

Step 2: The recipient's phone should instantly search for the sender's Wi-Fi network. Choose the sending phone's Wi-Fi to validate the link and then tap "OK."

how to clone sim card step 2

Step 3: Choose the items you want to copy (contact details, texts, and call history) on the transmitting cell phone and hit "Start" to initiate the cloning procedure. Wait for the procedure to finish.

Sum Up

When you clone a SIM card, you copy all of your information to a different device or SIM card. MOBILedit, IMSI, and KI number, programmable cards or CLONEit, are all excellent cloning methods you could use for cloning the contents on your SIM card. Based on your preference, you may conveniently clone your SIM with any methods discussed above.

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