Kindle Won't Connect to WiFi? Quickest Way to Fix It 2022

Simon Chen | Mar 04,2022 10 min read

Kindle is a vogue hand-held E-reader tool allowing you to access to thousands of your preferable books online with WiFi. 

Whereas, you may be confronted with the problem of your device not connecting to WiFi between times out of software glitches or authentication issues, in instances, hardware fault, which will prohibit you from browsing any contents via the internet.

In this guide, we have rounded up five facile resolutions to help you tackle this problem smoothly. Just read through this post and find the corresponding troubleshooting method befitting your scenario.

Specific Solutions to the Kindle not Connecting to WiFi issue

Basically, the reason why a kindle won't connect to WiFi may stem from a bunch of malfunctions, from network misconfiguration to router problems, or merely software glitches. Here is a list of detailed solutions on how to fix kindle WiFi errors.

Yet it would be best if you get all the bases covered in the first place.

1. Ensure you have disabled the airplane mode
You may read your kindle with airplane mode on negligently at times, which will consequently entail a WiFi connectivity error. So please double-check your airplane mode condition before digging into other methods to settle the issue.

2. Check your home network 
You have to ensure that your internet works properly by connecting another device to the WiFi network. If the connectivity issue also occurs on diverse devices, then try restarting the internet first.

3. Make sure your kindle version is the latest  
Your kindle may fail to download the latest update automatically, so ensure that you have installed a newer software version before resorting to other ways. 

How to Fix the Kindle WiFi Error 

1. Restart Your Kindle 

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is perform a power cycle by pressing the power button for a while until a dialogue box emerges or the power light fades away with the screen turning blank.
  • Go with "Restart" if the on-screen prompt inquires whether you intend to reboot your kindle or not after the dialogue box shows up.
  • Try connecting your kindle to WiFi again when the restarting process is done and check if the issue is resolved.

fix kindle wifi error

2. Manually Update Your Kindle Software

  • Connect your kindle to your computer and migrate all your downloaded ebooks to the Kindle drive.
  • Tap on Menu and open Settings to opt for Update Your Kindle after your kindle is ejected once you complete the transferring step.
  • Tap OK to implement the updates.

fix kindle wifi error

The whole process may cost you a few minutes yet please do not use the kindle until the update is done. 
3. Reset the Home Network 
Resetting the router is an efficient way of resolving the WiFi connectivity issue at your kindle, which only asks you to switch off the router for a few seconds, clear up all the DHCP records from the internet, and power it back on.

  • Turn off your modem together with the WiFi router and disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Render your kindle idle for a while.
  • Reconnect the power cord and switch it on.
  • Wait until all the router's LED indicators stop blinking and try connecting your kindle.

fix kindle wifi error

4. Reset to Factory Default
Note: Resetting your kindle to factory default will wipe off all the files stored in the device, so do not forget to back up your essential data before conducting the following steps.

  • Tap on Settings from the home screen.
  • Find the Menu and choose Reset Device.
  • Tap Yes in the pop-up warning window to confirm.

fix kindle wifi error

The whole process may cost you a few minutes, during which you should ensure sufficient battery power remains. Once done, you can download all your resources from the database via your Amazon account.
Alter Your Router Authentication Type 

  • Look up the owner's manual to find the Authentication Type setting once you open the Router admin dashboard.
  • Switch the authentication type to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK from WPA2-PSK.
  • Close the dashboard once the changes are saved.
  • Reconnect your kindle to check out whether you have settled the WiFi problem. 

fix kindle wifi error

You can also try the method of forgetting the WiFi network on your kindle by following the steps below.

  • Tap on Menu and go to settings.
  • Tap the WiFi network and choose to Forget to disconnect the WiFi.

Rescan the network again and select your WiFi from the list.

fix kindle wifi error 

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