Fix: Audible Download Manager Not Working 2022

Emmanuel | Apr 22,2022 8 min read

It's no news that many people come across one or two problems when using the audible download manager. As common as this may be, it can also be very frustrating trying to download audiobooks, but your download manager isn’t coming up. You might really need to fix it as soon as you can to enjoy the comfort of your audios.

Fixing audible download manager problems might not be much of an issue as you have simple but effective solutions right here. You can fix your audible download manager not working and give yourself fewer things to worry about. Read on to know how to fix the problem.

Before we move into the fix, you need to know what the audible download manager is and how it works.

What is an Audible Download Manager?

Audible Download Manager for Windows PC

The audible download manager is one of the numerous programs you will find on your computer. It helps you in downloading audible audiobooks to your computer. It can also help you import your downloaded files into your Windows Media Play, audible manager, or iTunes.

Using the audible download manager, you can also configure your download and import settings with ease. Having an audible download manager makes the audiobook download process easy and effective.

You can only get the best of your audible download manager if there isn’t an issue with it. You have to be sure your audible download manager is in good condition, and there are no problems with it. With this in check, you are good to go with your downloading operations.

Why Audible Download Manager Not Working & How to Fix

There are several reasons why your audible download manager isn’t working. These might be minor or major causes, but you can rest assured that they are all fixable. You need to detect why the audible download manager not working before you can proceed on how to fix it.

Here are some of the reasons why your audible download manager is not working

  • Your audible download manager is outdated

This is one of the major causes of the problems the audible download manager poses. Your audible download manager now working might be due to its being outdated.

When your download manager is not up to date, it might communicate well with audio files. This can cause it to find difficulties downloading them as its framework does not support the audio files, which are most likely supposed to be in the latest formats.

Solution: You will need to update your audible download manager before you can use it. Once you update the download manager, the problem becomes solved. You can now download and enjoy your audible audiobooks as much as you want.

To update your audible download manager, you need an active internet connection. This will require you to download the latest version of the audible download manager. All you need to do is open the audible download manager.

When you open the download manager, you should click on the menu icon. You will see a list of operations to choose from. Click on the update icon and let the update begin. Once the update is completed, you can now enjoy a problem-free download manager.

  • Download quality

Another cause of the problem you can encounter when using the audible download manager is the download quality. Your audible audiobooks won't download unless you set the quality.

If the quality you set the download manager to does not tally with the audiobook, you might experience trouble downloading your files. You will need to set the download quality of your audible download manager to get rid of the issue. After you do this, you can now enjoy the operations of your download manager with ease.

Solution: You will need to start your audible download manager and click on the profile icon to change the download quality. After clicking on the profile icon, you will see a list of options to choose from. You should click on the gear icon and then click on download.

Audible Download Manager Download Format

Then under download quality, you should click on the one format that isn’t selected. Now, you have successfully changed your download quality and have solved your audible download manager not working problem.

  • Download settings

The download settings can also be another reason your audible download manager is not working. If the settings of your download manager are not right, your downloading process might be hindered.

Solution: You do not want interruptions when downloading your audible audiobooks, so you need to get your settings right. Once you have the right settings, you have your problem fixed. You can say goodbye to your audible download manager not working.

To change the download settings on your audible download manager, you should tap the profile button. After clicking on the profile button, you should choose the gear icon. After clicking on the gear icon, you should click on download. You will see a sub-list; you must choose to download by parts.

Image for Audible Download by Parts Settings

Under the download by parts settings, you should choose the option that isn’t selected. Once you do this, you are good to go.

You might also need to try out some other simple fixes. Here are some you should know

  • Check if your internet connection is intact.
  • Restart your audible download manager.
  • Update your system windows.
  • Contact audible download manager support.

How to Prevent This Problem

We all know prevention is better than cure. So, we should look for a way to prevent our audible download manager from developing any problem than looking for a way to solve its issue.

  • The best way to prevent this is to do the right things at the right time. You should download an updated version whenever your audible download manager is outdated. You do not need to wait until it starts giving issues before the update.
  • You also need to make sure all settings are intact and have none in the wrong format. You also have to make sure your system's windows are up to date, as this can cause audible download manager problems. And always make your download quality the ideal one.
  • Another perfect way to prevent your audible download manager problem is through the use of an Epubor audible converter. It helps in removing audible DRM and also converts Audible AA/AAX to MP3. You also do not need to be worried about quality, as the Epubor audible converter has you covered. Visit Site.

Keeping all these in place will help prevent your audible download manager from not working. It will give you smooth operations with the audible download manager.


We all know the frustrations we can encounter when we experience problems with the audible download manager. You need to get rid of every issue through the right steps and enjoy your downloading operations. You can also prevent your download manager from working. But everything you need to do requires you to follow simple steps.

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