Top 7 Tag Generators in 2022

Atif Zaheer | Jun 30,2022 9 min read

The descriptive keywords in the tag generator help viewers on social media find your videos. For instance, on YouTube, the tags, including the video's thumbnail, description and title, are vital parts of metadata required to boost the rank of videos in the search result of YouTube.

People need tag generators mainly for three reasons:-

1. Help every designer understand the basics of Meta tags and acquire the benefits from the tags automatically.

2. These generators save time after you know how to use meta tags. This proves to be very useful when various pages are involved.

3. By using such tag generators, marketers get to know the secrets of Meta tags. Although this aspect might seem over-hyper, it fetches a considerable distance when promoting your page.

Tag generators are known for pulling out data from the organic search of YouTube. Once you enter something regarding your video, YouTube will showcase several related phrases that can be used as tags. Eventually, this process is completed within a short period.

Top 7 Tag Generators in 2022

1. VidlQ

vidiq tag generator

VidIQ is a leading virtual educational website offering informative analytics and tutorials about channel growth on YouTube. The website features the Google Chrome extension, allowing the users to analyze YouTube data analytics. As a result, it serves a wide range of benefits to the users.


● Useful analytics

● Generate brand awareness

● Provide a boost to your YouTube views as well as ranking

● Commendable market research


● Browser Plugin

● At times it might get you wrong trending keywords

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2. TunePocket

tunepocket tag generator

TunePocket is a renowned home to a wide range of independent music producers creating sound effects, loops, and music crafted peculiarly for current media and video projects.

Users are free to use the music in their presentations, documentaries, advertisement, games, videos, promotional businesses, apps, and other commercial and personal creative projects that require premium sound or music effects.


● Reliable premium plans. You can either opt for a license for some music tracks needed for a project or unlimited access subscription.

● Affordable tool

● Offers royalty-free license consisting of broader rights


● The interface needs the latest updates and improvement

● Limited library

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3. TuBeast

tubeast tag generator

The unique thing about TuBeast is that it is made for and by YouTubers. Being a web extension and platform, it offers an advanced set of features and tools. This tool can help you in optimizing your video and channel to perfection.

It also facilitates super-relevant market research and niche-targeted content. You can get to know beautiful insights about your YouTube channel with the help of this. Eventually, this would increase your YouTube subscribers and views.


● Maximizes engagement, hence more views and subscribers

● Works as per the requirement of every creator

● Offers personal YouTube assistant

● Provide access to leading technologies


● Not user friendly

● Often stops working

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4. RapidTags

rapid tag generator

RapidTags is solely made for a generation of SEO-optimized effective tags for your YouTube videos. This offers easy access to edit or copy the words, phrases or tags as per the users' requirements. You can freely paste them into your YouTube video tag section.

Many use YouTube in place of a keyword tool to choose targeted keywords for various websites. It helps to search for related data on keywords and topics you are yet to be aware of.


● Generation of various tags to fulfil the criteria of YouTube's character limit

● Edits every label before putting them on any video

● Use different filters to enhance the visual quality

● Easy to use interface


● Poor mobile responsiveness

● It takes a lot of time to load

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5. Keyword Tool

keyword tool tag generator

Keyword Tool is one of the best free SaaS products using both Google Autocomplete and many other search engines for generating related keywords for your topic on the web. It gives you the correct location of connected as well as long-tail keywords.

It is mainly dependent on autocomplete feature of Google to provide quick access to the most highly searched items. It pulls out keyword-suggested ideas from Twitter, YouTube, Playstore, Bing, Google, eBay and Amazon.


● Making you aware of the latest keyword trends

● Finding valuable keywords fast

● Relevance of the long tail keyword

● Generates accurate metrics


● Provides limited Ranking insights as well as data

● Tunnel Vision in researching for keyword

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6. TubeBuddy

tubebuddy tag generator

As the name suggests, TubeBuddy is built explicitly for YouTube, one of the helpful video management software helping multiple businesses optimize, create, and run channels through thumbnail generation, keyword research, rank tracking of search results, etc.

It assists staff members in creating a time and date schedule to timely publish their content, video and update process across specific playlists and public channels. It generates a health report tool that lets you know your YouTube channel's overall verdict.


● Enhances productivity

● Most of the tools in TubeBuddy are available free of cost to the users

● Provides multiple tools for thumbnails, annotations and cards

● Gives useful Data


● Slow Website

● Outdated interface

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7. Kparser

kparser tag generator

Kparser is a user-friendly and intuitive tool for keyword research, helping to enhance the online presence of your web page. The software recommends long-tail phrases and keywords for activating additional keywords before/after the inclusion of the primary keyword.

It enquires the depth of threshing out and parsing out excluded/included key phrases. The tool facilitates exporting results in CSV format for in-depth keyword analysis to determine which one is best for you.


● Generates any themed content ideas

● Expansion of different bases of keywords for your Bing Ads campaigns and Google Adwords.

● Optimizes listing on eBay and Amazon marketplaces

● Expanding your semantic core on the popular, published page.


● You have to take a premium to access the "Negative Keywords" feature.

● Few searches take longer than usual.

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In this world of digital media, people search for ways to increase the visibility and engagement of their pages. That's where the role of the tag generator starts. This article briefs you on the best mentioned seven tag generators. You can easily use VidIQ and TubeBuddy to help you in this overall process.

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