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iPad - USB - June 10,2014

Do you want to transfer music from an iPad to an external disk? A task that usually can cause major headaches becomes easy with KiwiG PhonTunes. Read this article to learn more.Read more >

iPod Touch - USB - June 05,2014

Making a music backup, taking data travelling with you, ease of sharing—there are many reasons why you might want to transfer music from an iPod Touch to a USB. In this article, we’ll give you some tips how to get the job done quickly and hassle-free.Read more >

iPhone - USB - May 29,2014

Stop putting off the backup of your iPhone music! It’s easier than ever to move your music from the iPhone directly onto a USB, keeping all your song details (including ratings, play counts, and playlists). We’ll show you how.Read more >

USB - iPod - May 26,2014

If you have a backup of your music on an external disk and need to move your music to an iPod, this tutorial can help make it easy for you.Read more >

iPod - USB - May 20,2014

Backing up your music is essential for the music lover, ensuring that even with unexpected iPod crashes or damage, you will never lose your tunes. We’ll show you how to backup your iPod music to an external storage device in four steps.Read more >

iTunes - USB - May 9,2014

If you have a USB flash drive or an external hard drive large enough to hold your music files, there is a free software that makes it easy for you to move all your files from your computer in minutes.Read more >