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Computer - iPhone - Jan 30,2014

In this article, you will get a fresh look at how to add music from a PC to an iPhone without iTunes. KiwiG PhonTunes is a powerful music transfer tool that adds music from a PC to an iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes.Read more >

Computer - iPhone - Feb 14,2014

iTunes, Apple's exclusive music platform, may not be the easiest and most effective way to transfer music from a PC to an iPhone. Here we will introduce a quick and simple way to complete your music transfer mission.Read more >

iPod - New Computer - May 14,2014

There’s nothing quite like that new computer excitement! Don’t let the hassles of moving your music from iPod to the new computer bring you down. Learn how to migrate your music the easy way in this article.Read more >

Android - Computer - May 8,2014

Enjoy all your Android music from your computer, after learning how to transfer your songs in no time with just a few clicks.Read more >

iTunes - Computer - May 7,2014

Tired of transferring iTunes library to another computer? This offers you one of the most professional software that can easily help you handle this work. In just 5 steps you will have your iTunes library on the new computer.Read more >

Computer - iPad - May 4,2014

You can now move your music to your iPad without opening iTunes. In this article we will show you how easy it is in a photo tutorial.Read more >

Computer - iPod Touch - Apr 30,2014

If you have music on your computer and want to put it on your iPod Touch, this tutorial will show you the pros and cons of three transfer methods.Read more >

Computer - Android - Apr 4,2014

There’s a better way to transfer music from a computer to Android, which lets you edit, listen, create playlists, and detect duplicates before you move your songs. We’ll show you how.Read more >

Computer - iPod - Mar 28,2014

You can transfer music from computer to iPod without iTunes, and it’s fast and easy. This article will take you through the steps to get the job done without ever opening iTunes.Read more >

iPad - Computer - Mar 24,2014

In this article we will show you an easy step-by-step way to copy music from an iPad to a computer, and avoid the troubles of manual transfer methods.Read more >

iTunes - Computer - Mar 21,2014

Here we will detail how to transfer music from iTunes to a new computer. Most methods are difficult and time consuming, but free music transfer software can make it painless.Read more >

iPad - Computer - Mar 6,2014

Anyone with an iPad will no longer find it frustrating to transfer music from the iPad to a computer after reading this quick walk-through.Read more >

iPod - Computer - Mar 5,2014

Moving music from an iPod to a computer at first may seem impossible. In this article, two methods for getting the job done are explained, step-by-step.Read more >

iPod Touch - Computer - Mar 3,2014

Transferring music from an iPod Touch to a computer is normally very challenging. Here we will teach you how to quickly and easily transfer iPod Touch music to a computer in three steps.Read more >

Computer - iPhone - Feb 13,2014

Many iPhone users are confronted with the issue of how to transfer music from a computer to iPhone while avoiding iTunes' barriers. Here I will give you a solution in three simple steps.Read more >

iPod - Computer - Jan 6,2014

By reading this article, you will learn a new way to copy music from iOS/Andorid devices to a computer without any obstacles. Try this powerful music transfer freeware, compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.Read more >

iPhone - Computer - Jan 6,2014

Free software enables you to transfer music from an iPhone to a PC, or copy iPhone songs to iTunes and Android devices. Freely enjoy your music on PC and mobile devices.Read more >