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Computer - iPhone - Feb 14,2014

iTunes, Apple's exclusive music platform, may not be the easiest and most effective way to transfer music from a PC to an iPhone. Here we will introduce a quick and simple way to complete your music transfer mission.Read more >

Computer - iPhone - Jan 30,2014

In this article, you will get a fresh look at how to add music from a PC to an iPhone without iTunes. KiwiG PhonTunes is a powerful music transfer tool that adds music from a PC to an iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes.Read more >

iPad - iPhone - June 18,2014

Moving music between devices—particularly Apple devices—is not noted as the easiest of tasks. However, if you want to move music from an iPad to an iPhone, we have a third-party software solution that can get the job safely done in minutes, for free!Read more >

iPhone - iPad - June 03,2014

You have your reasons for having multiple Apple devices, and regardless of those reasons, it should be easy to move music between your iPhone and your iPad. In this article, we’ll show you how, step-by-step.Read more >

iPhone - USB - May 29,2014

Stop putting off the backup of your iPhone music! It’s easier than ever to move your music from the iPhone directly onto a USB, keeping all your song details (including ratings, play counts, and playlists). We’ll show you how.Read more >

iPhone - iPod Touch - May 21,2014

A special discovery led someone to start using their iPod Touch again, but they needed to move their music from their iPhone to it first. In this article, we’ll show you how.Read more >

iPhone - iPod - Apr 29,2014

Now, you can transfer music directly from your iPhone to your iPod without even opening iTunes or placing music on your PC’s hard drive. Check out this tutorial to learn how.Read more >

iPod Touch - iPhone - Mar 31,2014

Many users have wished for a way to transfer music from an iPod Touch to an iPhone without first copying songs to their computer. Read this step-by-step tutorial and transfer your music with just a few clicks.Read more >

iPhone - iTunes - Mar 14,2014

Conventional methods of how to transfer songs from your iPhone to iTunes are confusing and unintuitive. In this article, learn how KiwiG PhonTunes makes getting music off your iPhone easy.Read more >

iPhone - Android - Feb 28,2014

Whenever you decide to change iPhone to android, transferring music playlist is a crucial issue. This guide will show you how to easily copy music from an iPhone to Android.Read more >

iPod - iPhone - Feb 18,2014

We provide useful tips in this article how to deal with music transferring hassles between multiple iOS devices. Without launching iTunes, you can also transfer or import your music from an iPod to an iPhone.Read more >

Computer - iPhone - Feb 13,2014

Many iPhone users are confronted with the issue of how to transfer music from a computer to iPhone while avoiding iTunes' barriers. Here I will give you a solution in three simple steps.Read more >

iPhone - Jan 30,2014

Want to copy music from iTunes/PC to iPhone or transfer a single song from an iPhone to iTunes? This article will tell you how to transfer music to iOS devices without iTunes.Read more >

iPhone - Computer - Jan 6,2014

Free software enables you to transfer music from an iPhone to a PC, or copy iPhone songs to iTunes and Android devices. Freely enjoy your music on PC and mobile devices.Read more >