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iTunes - Android - Feb 20,2014

If you need to get your iTunes playlist onto a new or reformatted Android phone, this guide can help you. Transfer part or all of your library in three simple steps.Read more >

iPod Touch - Android - June 04,2014

You have your reasons for having multiple Apple devices, and regardless of those reasons, it should be easy to move music between your iPhone and your iPad. In this article, we’ll show you how, step-by-step.Read more >

Android - iPod - May 23,2014

Despite all the hype surrounding smartphones, there still really is nothing like a good old iPod. Just plug it in and listen—no phone call interruptions, no temptation to veer off into the cyber spaces within, only you and your tunes. So if you are now trying to move your music from your Android to your iPod, how do you do it?Read more >

iPod - Android - May 22,2014

Don’t let your summer go without its soundtrack. Move your music from an iPod to your Android in minutes with this comprehensive music transfer software application.Read more >

Android - Computer - May 8,2014

Enjoy all your Android music from your computer, after learning how to transfer your songs in no time with just a few clicks.Read more >

Android - iTunes - May 6,2014

Moving your music from Android to iTunes can be risky, but there is one way to make it painless and intuitive. Read to learn more!Read more >

Computer - Android - Apr 4,2014

There’s a better way to transfer music from a computer to Android, which lets you edit, listen, create playlists, and detect duplicates before you move your songs. We’ll show you how.Read more >

iTunes - Android - Mar 17,2014

Moving iTunes music to Android doesn't have to be confusing. In this article, we'll explain how to get your music manually and with the help of music transfer software.Read more >

iPhone - Android - Feb 28,2014

Whenever you decide to change iPhone to android, transferring music playlist is a crucial issue. This guide will show you how to easily copy music from an iPhone to Android.Read more >