Top 24 Cool and Interesting Websites to Kill Time [2022]

Atif Zaheer | Jun 06,2022 8 min read

The internet is filled with intriguing and entertaining websites, but finding them can be difficult because most people are unaware. The internet contains millions of websites, with a high percentage of them being inactive and the remaining being active but not particularly fascinating.

The web is not only a wealth of knowledge but can also be used to relieve boredom. It has several options that will help you pass the time at any moment and in any location. Web users spend a reasonable amount of time on well-known and trendy websites. If you locate the valuables buried within the internet world, you have the potential to become the best adventurer while reclining on your sofa.

The online world is wide and contains hundreds of websites that can pass the time. We went out of our way to uncover a fantastic location that you may not be aware of. Peradventure, you're looking for a new method to kill time on social media sites. we've got you sorted. In this post, we will offer you the best 24 cool and interesting websites to enjoy in your leisure time.

Top 25 Cool and Interesting Websites to Kill Time in 2022

The Oatmeal

the oatmeal cool website to kill time

Are you seeking a site that would keep you giggling at every turn? The Oatmeal is a must-read for you. You can find many excellent and amusing comic strips on this site, and it will indeed become your go-to source for webcomics. This site is primarily made up of visuals and contains a vast library of great, fantastic, and enjoyable content. And also, the content is the type that you can come back to again and again without becoming bored. Matthew Inman, the creator, based in Seattle, Washington, created the comics. And he is doing an excellent job with this web. You would never predict the comedians' conclusion or pun, believe me.

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Little Alchemy

little alchemy cool website to kill time

This website lets you play one of the most fun games ever, which will make you feel like an Alchemist. The webpage introduces the four basic entities: air, earth, water, and fire. And you may combine them in any order to create other components such as Cloud, Geyser, Vapors, Powder, Lava, and a long list of others. This is why you begin and acquire more and more beginning parts to construct additional parts and materials. You would be so absorbed in playing Alchemist on the site that you may not notice how much time has passed.

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Mental Floss

mental floss cool website to kill time

Mental Floss is a website that helps people with their mental health. If you're searching for a fun yet informative site that tells you about what's going on in the world of work, from science to politics, in well-crafted narratives, here is the place to go. With various fun and engaging games, data, trivia, and quizzes, you will discover many unique topics, be wowed, and increase your knowledge. This website is both challenging and entertaining. The site's operators refer to it as "an encyclopedia of everything." This site undoubtedly provides consumers with clever, entertaining, and shareable stuff. They do this in a lighthearted and funny manner. They reveal stories as well as provide answers to society's significant issues. They do that in a manner that encourages their audience to start sharing them.

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The Moth

the moth cool website to kill time

If you enjoy stories and the visual arts, you will undoubtedly enjoy this website. The stories given here are true accounts of people's lives as they tell. In addition to finding this fantastic website where you can peruse all of the drama you want, visitors can also listen to the storylines on their radio programs.

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How Stuff Works

how stuff works website to kill time

As the name implies, once you arrive on this website, you will understand how things function. The site covers a wide range of topics, including horticulture, engines, and even lock picking. To assist readers, the articles include videos and graphics. This site contains so much information that you'll never run out of stuff to discover and explore once you arrive. And you just keep learning about how things function in the real world.

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xkcd website to kill time

Unique satirical webcomics centered on maths, sarcasm, love, as well as cultures, can be found on this website. Everyone can laugh so heartily that tears well up in their eyelids. If you love maths, you will enjoy this website. Each blog entry includes a stick-figure comic with scientific and relationship-related humor.

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Sporcle website to kill time

You will become addicted to this website once you visit it. The puzzles, as well as quizzes, continue to pour in. You'll win some and lose others – or whether you're in the "perfect spot betwixt absolutely excellent or not yet great," as they put it. One thing is certain: this website is thought-provoking. It offers a variety of quizzes that are sure to keep you entertained. You'd be going for a considerable length of time but, of course, having a good time. To name a few examples of trivia, you could be tasked with writing figures in 15 seconds, learn about the U.s. president, play football with random facts, or learn everything there is to know about Harry Potter. And you can only have 15 seconds to answer each question.

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The Odd 1s Out

the odd 1s out cool website to kill time

This is yet another excellent comics website that will keep you occupied for a lot longer. The comics are amusing as well as satirical, and it covers a wide range of issues relevant to your everyday life. This site is primarily made up of visuals and contains a vast library of great, awesome, and enjoyable content. And also, the contents are the type that you may revisit again and again without growing tired.

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The Onion

the onion website to kill time

This website features humorous news stories. So, if this type of information appeals to you, you'll enjoy killing time on the website. Even the most challenging and complex news is made amusing by the creators of this blog. It's incredible how they've maintained their excellent standards in terms of writing as well as writing comedy. You'll have a good time right away with the titles, which are all about the content and make a lot of sense while yet making you laugh out loud.

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A good movie to watch

a good movie to watch website to kill time

This site is an excellent location to spend all your time if you're always worried about what decent movie to see. This site curates films that you will appreciate rather than using algorithms. You can also know about all of the amazing movies available to view, even some that are less well-known.

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Bouncy Balls

bouncy balls website to kill time

Seeing balls bouncing on your screen is a lot of fun. You can also choose the appearance of your balls: plastic, bubbles, emoticons, or eyes. I must admit, the eyeballs-themed choice is scary. The balls react to sounds as well as the mouse click. To appreciate this, I put on a song from my playlist and watched the ball bounce around, rising high in the air whenever the vocalist hit a high note.

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quora website to kill time

On the web, Quora is a big deal. It has thousands of people's responses to questions, and you can uncover some fascinating answers on this page. You should also keep in mind that Quora is a potentially addictive platform. This site would be beneficial to those seeking insight and explanations on a variety of topics and facets of life. It is, nonetheless, one of the most interesting and entertaining sites on the web.

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Bored Panda

bored panda website to kill 

Bored Panda is also one of the great sites that are amusing in the internet world. This website concentrates on listicle content with many photos, and bored Panda is thus the best platform for reading fun articles. Even though the Panda is boring, you would not be if you visited this site. You can also browse the website's numerous subcategories, which include art, wildlife, humor, tourism, illustration, comedy, Crafts, parenting, as well as photography.

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cracked website to kill time

This site is where you'll find snarky pop culture insights meant to be ludicrous and ironic. The creators are not hesitant to utter anything out loud again and again, such as the word Voldemort, which most people are terrified to say. You will not be disappointed if you spend some time on this site.

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space website to kill time

The Space website is among the most intriguing astronomy news sites. It also discusses friendly trends as well as satisfies your appetite for a hazy summary of our planetary system. This website may also allow you to channel your inner space explorer. The Space webpage is ideal for anybody that wants to view an item burn high in the atmosphere or learn how a black hole develops.

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oddee website to kill time

Oddee is the perfect webpage to relieve your boredom if you like strange things. Oddee is amongst the most popular blog sites. It has the oddest, funniest, weirdest, and most peculiar content you'll ever see on the internet. Furthermore, the majority of entries contain numerous videos as well as photos. Signs, commercials, science, medical, titles, personalities, presents, stories, and more are among the categories on this site.

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Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy website to kill time  

Apartment Therapy would be the ideal website to visit if you enjoy interior décor or Handmade crafts. This website can keep you occupied for hours. There is a plethora of fantastic graphic as well as written content available on the subject of home décor. It was founded in 2001 by Maxwell Ryan, an interior designer. It has been one of the most popular sources of creative inspiration and recommendations for actual people searching for home décor solutions. Their goal is to highlight how individuals may make their homes more beautiful in various ways. They share their innovative ideas with those who enjoy creatively decorating their homes. They contain a wealth of informational articles covering a wide range of topics.

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buzzfeed website to kill time  

BuzzFeed is a fantastic way to pass the time while surfing the web. We must, however, look beyond the article itself in this case. As a result, go to the 'Comments' section to see what people are talking about. Reading through the comment threads on the various themes may be quite fun. BuzzFeed is a popular platform among youths, and it's the best website for hilarious photos and GIFs in articles. BuzzFeed is a prominent autonomous online media company that reaches hundreds of individuals worldwide with breaking news and the most amusing content. Articles, lists, movies, and quizzes are part of their multiplatform network.

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lifehacker website to kill time

Another way to squander time on the web while gaining some productivity. The slogan of Lifehacker is "Do Everything Better," and that is exactly what all of the content on this site is aimed at. It's where you'll find productivity hacks. You will indeed not want to exit this page in a hurry once you have set your hands on it.

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Imgur website to kill time

When you're bored with your soul and would like to squander time online, come here. Because Imgur recognizes that boredom is a possibility, it compiles a weekly collection of the most popular photographs. So that you might appreciate them all in one location while killing time by scrolling and scrolling idly. It's a lot of fun to see.

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mix website to kill time

You may read articles, see images, as well as watch videos that others have shared from their Mix on the website. After that, it allows you to post content from your personalized Mix. As a result, it's a community of people who contribute to stunning everyone else and themselves, then leave the internet to figure things out. You'll enjoy it because it's highly entertaining.

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giphy website to kill time

Come here if you're looking for the perfect GIF because you'll always do so. Then keep them all for whenever you need them in a Facebook post, a comment, or a discussion. Brace for war with the appropriate GIF. Would you like a GIF for dancing, giving the side-eye, being furious, or simply saying "Get Out?" Simply look for the GIF you need, watch it, and use it. Giphy is unquestionably the best location to satisfy this demand and pass the time.

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Forgotify website to kill time

Forgotify is your one-stop-shop for all the tracks you've forgotten about on Spotify. You could also look through their library and do other activities, such as working at your workstation. "Forget me not," their slogan states. The Admin goes on to clarify this with a description that states, "Let's give them new breath in fresh ears – Yours, "

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Pottermore website to kill time

Fans of Harry Potter (both the book and the film) congregate here. You can squander time on this website by looking up your wand kind, Hogwarts house, as well as Patronus. To achieve and properly identify with your sort, you'd have to complete quizzes. On the other hand, these assessments are likely to inspire you to revisit or study the Harry Potter series for the first time. It is, without a doubt, a cool and entertaining website to pass the time on the web.

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Are you looking for some websites to visit while you're bored? The websites listed here are the best places to kill time. Furthermore, several of the above sites offer information, allowing you to discover new things.

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