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Why Free Music Download Apps Removed from Apple Store?

author 2014-05-14 posted by Hans Ling in London

If you are a big fan of collecting music on your iPhone or iPad, the incident happened just several days ago on Apple App Store might make you frustrated and wrap your head around.

Yep, I am talking about that! Apple just removed all the free music download apps from their store.

Why Apple Remove Free Music Download Apps?

Many people will consider the music copyright is the most important aspect to make Apple suddenly take an axe to these free music download apps.

The iTunes provided by Apple is a legal revenue stream for music producers but the free music apps are distributing pirated music content without proper licensing. Obviously Apple does not want to be involved in this potential trouble between the guys who earn money on music and the free MP3 download apps providers.

However, I will assume that Apple is way more smarter that we think. iTunes now is an ever-expanding and probably the largest music library in the world and Apple is making money on it. They for sure will not be willing to see these small free apps to take their business.

Therefore, again Apple has proved to the world even though they have a completely locked down OS, there’s always something they can do to lock it down even more.

For normal users like us, seems that the only option left to us is to buy music from iTunes, or is there still any other choices we can figure it out?

Explore More About Free Music Download

Apparently other OS such as Windows and Android are more generous when dealing with this free music issue. Many music website, such as Last.fm , the world’s largest library, still serve greatly as a free music provider.

I can offer more options for these kinds of website. Jamendo.com provides over 300,000 free songs of all genres, while Archive offers over 900,000 audio records from Audio Books & Poetry to Radio Programs & Computers & Technology - Audio.

Below are sites I visit most:

Note:You are responsible if you downloaded copyright-infringing music.

iTunes Alternative that transfer free downloads to iPhone

As free music download is not dying on the internet, we only need a convenient and easy tool that can help us transfer the free music to iPhone or iPad.

You will say iTunes but actually for me, iTunes is not being considered at all into this situation as its outdated, inconvenient and closed management of music could really be pain in your ass sometime.

Easy, fast and safe are the goal I pursue when hunting for such a tool, and this is also why I finally choose PhonTunes.

With the great help of PhonTunes, I can:

All of these options can perfectly suit my needs, and no one could be easily achieved by using iTunes. Thus the last thing that should bothers me is the price for such a tool, as I am a fan of free apps.

Then I realize this app is for totally free! This finally help me make my own decision of not heading to Android to pursue the free music and share it with you.

Right now it is hard to say if it’s permanent for Apple to cut off all the free music download apps from their store. No matter what the eventual outcome will be, I truly believe PhonTunes will perform as a professional and convenient tool to manage your music on iPhone.

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