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5 Must-try Free Music Apps for Mac

Apple apps to enrich any music lover's listening experience

author 2014-02-26 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Most of us prefer to listen to music with portable devices on-the-go. But there are desktop applications that can enhance music at home for Mac users beyond iTunes. Here we will introduce 5 must-try music apps for Macs. Enjoy your favorite music in new ways with the following apps.

1. Pandora

One of the hottest music apps on the market, Pandora was the first of its kind to offer automated music recommendations based on user input and preferences. Clean and easy-to-use, anyone can make their own radio stations simply by searching a beloved song, artist, album name, or even genre. Liking or disliking songs hones in the station over time. If you are tired of listening to your stored library, or just want to expand your music horizons, Pandora is your answer. Try the free version, or sign up for Pandora One with additional features for a small annual fee.

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2. Seamless

Seamless is offering a solution to a problem you never thought you had. With a single click, the music you are listening to on your Mac will fade, only to fade in (right on cue) on your iPhone. Make your music truly mobile by downloading this free app.

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3. Slacker

Slacker is another online radio app, with compiled and manicured radio stations for a variety of styles, moods, and purposes. They boast millions of songs and hundreds of expert-programmed stations, with unlimited access to great music and entertainment (even your favorite talk-shows). For free, you can enjoy unlimited song skips, station creation and sharing, as well as playlist creation.

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4. Virtual DJ

Ready to take the next step in your relationship with music? Virtual DJ is a free DJ software, allowing you to mix your own playlists, match track beats, seamlessly blend songs, and create your own track remixes on the fly. With over one-million downloads a month, there's no doubt this free app is a powerful tool for a brand-new music experience at home.

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5. Sleepytime

It's not uncommon for music lovers to play their favorite tunes on the way to dreamland. But for those light-sleepers, continuous play during sleep can cause some problems. Sleepytime is a simple solution to this problem, letting you set the amount of time your music will play, at what point volume will begin to fade, and whether or not your computer should go to sleep itself when the lullaby is over.

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