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Best 6 Free iPhone Music Apps

author 2014-02-19 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Apple fans are tired of the complicated music transfer process: Purchase or download music from the internet, add the songs from the file folder, CD, USB or whatever to iTunes, sync music from iTunes to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, maybe even spend time making playlists (that are a pain to transfer between your device and your PC anyway), and then FINALLY listen on your phone. But nowadays, music streaming applications are making it easier than ever to reach your favorite jams in no time.

Decades before MP3 players and smartphones became the norm, a Japanese tech company introduced the Walkman so that anybody could enjoy their own music anytime and anywhere (for a short history of the Walkman check out Time Magazine's article here). Now, in the face of inconvenient and complicated music sharing and transferring across differing digital devices (PC and mobile), people have developed phone apps to harness wireless internet technologies and take out the hassles of music management and transfer altogether. Today we will introduce our favorite 6 free music apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. With one or more of these in your App collection, you can easily listen and download songs on your iOS devices wherever or whenever.

Pandora Radio

The widely popular, free and personalized internet music platform launched a mobile version for iPhone, iPod in 2008. Now Pandora has become the most downloaded iPhone music app in the app store.

  • It offers a large number of songs across widely varying genres. Users can search by singer, album, song title, or genre.
  • Users can create their own stations based on music they love. Pandora will collect and analyze songs or artists you give a "thumbs up" to, and with these data, it will build the station offering similar music.
  • In free version, users are limited to listen to 40 hours/month of music for free. Additionally, you will have to "enjoy" the sponsor-ads every few tracks or when skipping a song. A subscription version is available to go unlimited, ad-free.

Download here

PANDORA - iPhone music app


Like Pandora, Last.fm is a popular music app on the iPhone. Unlike Pandora, its users can listen to music without any hour limitation without spend a dime.

  • 1. No limits on song skips or monthly usage.
  • 2.Track your favorite music, so that you can purchase and download from iTunes.
  • 3.Offers song recommendations, tour dates, and an events calendar.

Download here

last fm - iPhone music app


"Spotify gives you millions of songs at your fingertips." Last.fm and Pandora's top competitor, Spotify offers streaming services on iPhone and Android. Similar to the other two apps, Spotify allows users to vote for their favorite songs so that appropriate song recommendations can be offered for each individual listener. In addition, its users can save songs to listen offline when they don't have an internet connection, which is a huge bonus for users who aren't always able to connect.

Download here

Spotify - iPhone music app


"This is not an app you'll use everyday, but you'll be glad you have it on your iPhone when you do need it." Yeah, this is precisely Shazam. This app is unique in that users can effortlessly play detective to ambient music where they go. In contrast to Pandora and Spotify, it doesn't offer the powerful recommendation or votes function; however, it can identify the album, artist and song title of music playing around you, anywhere. Any place, any genre, just open Shazam and hold it up to the music-SHAZAM! All the info is at your fingertips so you can look up the track (or open it in Spotify, or make a station in Pandora…).

Download here

Shazam - iPhone music app


Songza is a recently featured music iPhone app. It offers music according to moods and activities, like music for a party, working, exercising, relaxing, etc., etc. We like the hassle-free and thought-free approach to music selection. It's perfect for the "What should I listen to…" freeze.

Download here

Songza - iPhone music app

Band of the Day

Band of the Day, as its name tells us, gives 3-5 songs daily from various featured artists. Users can chose to listen deeply or skip to other artists shown in the past 30 days. It is really good way to discover new music and new artists.

Download here

Band of the Day - iPhone music app

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