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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer?

author 2014-03-05 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

When it comes to iPod music transfer, putting music onto your iPod from a computer is incredibly simple. One-click music dumping onto an iPod is a convenient capability iTunes provides that saves you time and hassle. However, if you wish to transfer music from an iPod to a computer, that's another story entirely. To help you out, below we'll walk you through three ways to transfer music from an iPod to a computer.

iTunes has intentionally built transfer restrictions into their mobile devices (iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) to prevent piracy and illicit sharing. These restrictions make it seem impossible to migrate your music library to a computer. But there are sometimes perfectly legitimate reasons to need to copy your iPod's music onto a computer. If your hard drive crashes or is damaged, for example, transferring the music to a new computer could save you hours of ripping CDs and putting your library back together piecemeal.

Luckily, there are ways to work around an iPod's built-in restrictions. First, we'll show you how to move your music using the tools on your PC, which is a little more time intensive but perfectly effective. Next, we'll introduce KiwiG PhonTunes music transfer software. PhonTunes is the world's only totally free music transfer third-party software, allowing you to migrate as many songs as you'd like from your iPod as many times as you'd like.

So let's get started!

Method 1: Manually Transfer iPod Music to Computer

Step 1Connect your iPod to the computer. Wait until the computer recognizes the device.

Step 2In iTunes, make sure disk use has been enabled. If you are using an iPhone or iPod Touch, you will have to use third party software in order to put your device into disk use mode and to transfer your music to the computer.

Enable your iPod for disk use

Step 3In order to see and manually move your music, you will need to enable hidden folders to be viewed. To do that, first open your My Computer directory and double-click and open your iPod.

Step 4Go to Tools, then Folder Options, then View.

Step 5In the Advanced Settings list, under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files and folders. When that's done, click OK.

Step 6Go to iPod_Control in the iTunes folder. Then open Music. The music folders will look like a big mess, and file and folder names will be unrecognizable. Although the filenames and songs are disorganized, their ID3 tags (a kind of metadata container MP3 files have) are still intact with all the song's details, so don't worry. Copy all the folders into a new folder on your PC. We won't need the iPod from here on out, so you can feel free to close and eject it.

Step 7Now open up iTunes. In the new folder with all your iPod's music in it, manually move the music files into iTunes. When all of your music files have been moved from the subfolders into iTunes, you're all done!

Some notes:

Now that you're a pro at transferring music from your iPod to your computer the hard way, let's check out how to use PhonTunes to do the same job.

Method 2: Transfer Music from iPod to Computer with KiwiG Phontunes

Step 1Launch KiwiG PhonTunes. The control panel displays all recognized devices, your iTunes library, and local library on the left, the music files and their details in the center, and transfer options on the top. Click on your iPod.

Step 2Select any or all music files in your iPod that you want to transfer. At this point you could also do any editing of song details or make some playlists.

Step 3aIf you want to transfer your files into iTunes directly, click Transfer to iTunes at the top, and then click Start to complete the transfer.

move files from iPod to iTunes

Step 3bIf you want to transfer your music to a different location, click Transfer to Computer. Browse for the location, and once it's selected click OK to close the Browse window. Click Start to transfer your music to the destination on your hard drive.

transfer music to location

What is usually seems impossible or a mighty headache is simple with the right tools. We hope KiwiG PhonTunes is the right option for you to enjoy your music freely, anytime and anywhere.

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