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How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod Touch?

author 2014-04-30 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

These days most people will have some scattered song files or folders on their computer, sometimes with real musical gold hidden inside. If you want to put the music on your iPod Touch, there are a few ways to get the job done--some easy, some not-so-easy.

The first way is to go through iTunes. If you add your music to iTunes, and your iPod Touch is linked to your iTunes account, you can then transfer that music to your iPod Touch relatively simply. The cons to this method include: duplicate music files on the computer taking up more space on your hard drive; non-iTunes purchased music can be hard or impossible to transfer to your iTunes library on new computers later; moving your music into the iTunes library can make it difficult to break away from iTunes later if you find a more preferable music player later (the file directory is separated into individual folders and song details are scrambled to work exclusively with iTunes software).

The second method is manual, by far the most difficult method. First, you must download some software on your iPod Touch to open it as an external storage device. Then, you will need to navigate your computer directory to get into the iPod Touch music file database, where you can then drag/drop the music files into the device. Not only must you spend an afternoon’s worth of time working through the process, but you also look at potentially endangering your iPod Touch’s warranty or encountering other issues with the third party app that breaks down the built-in transfer barriers. The pros of doing it manually, however, is meticulous control of your iPod Touch’s music environment.

The third solution combines the advantages of the previously described methods, and disperses the disadvantages: You can use transfer software on your computer. KiwiG PhonTunes is the only completely free transfer software, allowing you to move as many songs as you want between computers, mobile devices, or external storage disks. It’s also a music player and music manager (you can make playlists, detect duplicate files, edit song details, etc.). You don’t need to go through a middle man software that will corner your music, like iTunes, and you don’t have to mess with the iPod Touch’s internal settings.

Below, we’ll go through all the steps to move music from your computer to your iPod Touch.

Step 1Connect your iPod Touch to the computer and open KiwiG PhonTunes. On the left, you can see your iTunes library and Local libraries. Click on Local Music to see the music on your computer. If your songs don’t automatically show up, you can add the folder by clicking "Add Music" above the library display.

Step 2Select any music you want to move to your iPod Touch.

Step 3Click on your iPod Touch tab, on the far-right, to open your iPod music directory. Then, click the arrow icon, To device.

Step 4A window will appear, telling you how many songs you want to transfer, and to what location. It should say the name of your iPod Touch. Click Start to complete your transfer.

PhonTunes is a great tool for any device, iOS or Android, and can take a lot of the headaches out of your music transfer and management tasks. We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think!

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