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How to Transfer Music backup from External Disk to iPod?

author 2014-05-26 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

Do you need to move music from a backup disk to your iPod? There are several situations in which a person might need to do this:

  • Your iPod crashed or was reset, and you need to upload your music files again.
  • You recently bought a new iPod.
  • The computer’s music library has an error, and you can’t access the original files.
  • You only have access to your external disk, not your iTunes account or computer music library.

The unique situations music lovers find themselves in when it comes to their music access never ceases to surprise us, so if you have your own unique issue that has led to a need for this type of transfer, don’t worry. We can still help you out.

When you connect an iPod to a computer, it is not recognized like a storage device. This is to say, you can’t simply drag and drop music files into the iPod. iTunes is the mediator for any iDevice music migration, and generally you must first put your music in your iTunes library before being able to get music onto an iPod. So, one option is to copy your music files from your external hard disk into your iTunes library, and then move your music to the iPod. If you do this, make sure your computer has enough space for all the files!

For direct transfer, you can use KiwiG PhonTunes. PhonTunes is a free music transfer software with robust features that can move large or small batches of music between devices in no time. With this tool, you won’t need to open iTunes, copy any music to the computer, or wait for ages to start listening to your iPod again.

How can you use PhonTunes to move music from an external HD to your iPod?

Step 1.Connect your HD and the iPod to your computer. Boot up KiwiG PhonTunes. The software will recognize connected devices and produce tabs on the far right for each. Click on the external storage device tab to open it up.

Step 2.In the HD music directory (appears on the right), select any music you want to move to your iPod.

Step 3.Click on the arrow-in-a-box icon in the upper-right corner of the HD music library. A window will appear to help you start your transfer.

Step 4.For the transfer destination, make sure the iPod is selected and click Start. PhonTunes will let you know when the migration is finished.

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