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How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android?

author 2014-04-04 posted by Hans Ling in London

You see it more and more, people walking down the streets with their headphones in, jamming to music right from a portable phone. And these days, Android is on the rise.

Putting music on an Android phone is considerably easier than getting it onto an iOS device (iPhone, iPod and iPad). This is because Android phones, when connected to a computer, are recognized as external storage devices like a hard drive or USB. It’s pretty easy to drag-and-drop any music you’d like straight from your computer to the Android.

But, now, there are even better ways to help you not only move, but also listen and manage while you transfer your songs. KiwiG PhonTunes is the world’s only free music transfer tool, offering you the chance to move unlimited songs between devices and computers without obstacle. In addition, PhonTunes sports cool features that enable users to listen to their tracks, create playlists, edit song details, and detect duplicates during the process.

So how do you move music from your computer to Android with KiwiG PhonTunes? Here, we’ll take you through it step-by-step.

Step 1.Launch KiwiG PhonTunes and connect your Android to the computer. Upon opening, you will see your iTunes and Local Music (on the computer) libraries displayed on the left. Below the music player in the center are transfer option buttons and a search bar. Below that, full display of your PC’s music and track details is shown. On the right panel, you can see all connected external devices, and can browse music already on those devices. Your Android should have its own tab on the far right.

Step 2.Click on Local Music on the left panel, and browse the available tracks. You can open any music folders on your computer.

Step 3.Select any songs you’d like to add to your Android. This is a good time to make any edits to the tracks or albums, "Detect Duplicates," make your own playlists, and in general make sure your transfer is exactly how you’d like it. You can also transfer iTunes music and transfer iTunes playlist.

Transfer Music from PC to Android

Step 4.Click To Device to transfer your music to the Android phone. PhonTunes will notify you of the transfer’s success: Your transfer is now complete!

Transferred Music from PC to Android

If you want to transfer songs back to computer, please see Transfer Android Music back to Computer.

We hope this has offered some insights and solutions to your transfer problems. KiwiG PhonTunes aims at enabling you to listen to your music anytime, anywhere, exactly how you’d like.

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