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How to Put Music on iPhone without iTunes?

author 2014-06-10 updated by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

The popularity of the iPhone is undeniable. However, despite its superior performance, a smart phone is only as good as its ability to make our day-to-day life easier. Listening to music on an iPhone is as common a function as any, but sometimes getting your music to the iPhone can be a bit of a nightmare.

As the exclusive music platform of Apple products, iTunes allows you to easily copy music and playlists to an iPhone and play these files directly on the device while out and about. Users are necessarily close with the application when moving music from their computer to a mobile device, but often are frustrated by the program. A top frustration is: any music files not copied to the user's iTunes library can't be accessed by an iPhone.

PhonTunes makes a difference

Is there a quick and simple way to transfer music in a file folder, USB drive, or external hard drive to an iPhone without iTunes? Here I will introduce a freeware option for your music transfer needs. KiwiGeeker PhonTunes allows you to easily migrate music files from your computer (or an external device) to your iPhone without iTunes (with a slew of cool other features, too!).

KiwiG PhonTunes supports free import of music to your iPhone library without Apple copyright restrictions (any songs, purchased from iTunes or downloaded elsewhere). Just follow the three simple steps below to transfer music without iTunes.

How to transfer music from PC to iPhone without iTunes?

Step 1Launch KiwiG PhonTunes on PC, tab Local Music on the left panel, you will find all your music resources organized and ready.

Get music on PC ready - PhonTunes iPhone Music Transfer

Step 2If you can find the music you want to add to your iPhone yet, manually Add music from PC to the local music library.

Add Music from PC manually - PhonTunes iPhone Music Transfer

Step 3Connect your iPhone, the iPhon tab on the right will be lighted. Select Music you want put to iPhone and click To Device.

One-click to put music on iPhone without iTunes - PhonTunes iPhone Music Transfer

Step 4Your music has been transferred to iPhone. You can easily transfer music to iPod without iTunes too.

Transferred music to iPhone - PhonTunes iPhone Music Transfer

Download this music transfer freeware to see first-hand how easy it can be to sync music to your iPhone without iTunes and enjoy your music library anywhere. Click to learn more about iPhone Music Transfer.

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