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How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to USB/ External Hard Drive?

author 2014-06-05 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

Making a music backup, taking data travelling with you, ease of sharing—there are many reasons why you might want to transfer music from an iPod Touch to a USB. In this article, we’ll give you some tips how to get the job done quickly and hassle-free.

Data stored in an iPod Touch, as in all Apple devices, are remarkably difficult to extract. Arguably the most difficult data type to move are the music files. Apple, along with its music players, developed the software program iTunes to help manage music on these external devices and on Apple computers. Because iTunes is also a music-selling tool, and because of recent rise in illegal music download and sharing, some barriers have been built-in to all iTunes-based devices to reduce illegal activity and increase sales in the iTunes store. This can make it a challenge to get music files off of an iPod Touch. You do, however, have a few options to move music onto a USB.

First, if your iPod Touch is authorized in your iTunes account, the music on your Touch is likely already in your iTunes library. You can then manually navigate into the iTunes music folder, and copy/paste the entire folder into the USB. Sadly, each album/artist will have their own folder, and this can make it very difficult to open or utilize outside of iTunes. Also, the song details will be scrambled if opened outside of iTunes.

Second, if you are a little more computer savvy, you can first download an app that will help make your iPod Touch seen by your computer as an external storage device. There are tutorials online to show you how to do this—be sure to set aside a few hours of time and prepare yourself for some master computer navigation! Using this method, you will need to have a bit more knowledge of computers and a lot of patience.

Finally, you could just take the easy route and try a third-party music transfer software solution. A lot of these solutions may have dangerous malware or charge you a subscription fee upon use, but one solution is completely free and completely safe. KiwiG PhonTunes is a robust music transfer tool that can help you move your music, without barrier, between PCs, iDevices, Android devices, and external storage devices like USBs.

So how do you use PhonTunes to move your music?

Step 1.Plug in the USB, connect the iPod Touch, and open PhonTunes. On the far right side, two tabs will automatically appear, one for each recognized device. Go ahead and open up the iPod Touch tab to see the music on the device.

Step 2.In the tab, you can navigate through all the music on the device, and select any that you want to transfer. For backup, select ALL.

Step 3.After you’re sure you have all the files selected you want to move, click the icon on the upper-right of the music directory (it looks like an arrow in a box). This is the device-to-device transfer function. A window will appear.

Step 4.In the device-to-device transfer window, make sure the USB is selected. This means the music will be moved to the USB and not to any other recognized devices on the computer. Click START, and wait a couple minutes for your transfer to complete!

Do you know any other ways to move music from an iPod Touch to a USB? Share your knowledge with us below!

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