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How to Transfer music from iPod Touch to iPad?

author 2014-05-28 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

iPod Touch revolutionized the way we think about MP3 players. iPad pioneered the tablet wave. And you, being the cool and up-with-the-times person you are, have one of each. So what if you want to migrate music from your iPod Touch to your iPad? Is there an easy way to do it? Below, I’ll tell you the challenges, and give you a few solutions.

iTunes is the default music management tool for all Apple products. In order to help prevent illegal sharing and copying of music, it has built-in transfer restrictions, many of which we are all far too familiar with. Ultimately, there is no way to directly transfer music between devices with this default software.

If you want to put in the effort, and are fairly computer savvy, with simple download of an app that will ‘crack’ your iPod and iPad, you may be able to manually move your music between the devices. The crack of your Apple music players makes them behave similar to an external storage device, so you can open up the folders and dig in for your music files. This, however, can be very complicated to navigate, and may risk the integrity of your devices’ internal software and settings, depending on the quality of your crack. I only recommend this option if you have a lot of time and a lot of interest in a hands-on approach to your technology.

For those of us who are neither interested in time sinks or maneuvering our data, a third party music transfer tool is the best option. I recommend giving KiwiG PhonTunes a try. It’s totally free, completely secure, and transfers not only the music files themselves but all accompanying details like play counts and ratings. In addition, you can move your personally-made playlists. Below, I’ll show you how PhonTunes makes it easy to move your music from your iPod Touch to your iPad.

You’ll need: A PC with KiwiG PhonTunes downloaded, your connecting cables for the iPod and the iPad, and a few minutes.

The following user guide steps below will walk you through how to use KiwiG PhonTunes to move your music from a PC to your iPhone without iTunes:

Step 1.Plug in your iPad and iPod Touch to the computer, and open KiwiG PhonTunes. On the far right of PhonTunes, two tabs will automatically appear, one for each device. Click on the iPod Touch tab to see your music.

Step 2.In the iPod Touch display, choose any music you want to move to your iPad.

Step 3.When you’re ready, click on the arrow-in-a-box icon (found at the top-right of the iPod Touch directory). A window will appear and show you how many songs you’ve selected and where the transfer will go.

Step 4.Select the iPad as the final destination for your music migration, and click START. In a couple of minutes, your transfer will complete.

Save yourself time, save yourself energy, and continue enjoying your music with this premier music transfer software. We’d love to hear your feedback and questions, in the comments below!

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