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How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Android?

author 2014-06-04 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Equipped with large touch screens, myriad apps, a camera as well as music-player and music-listening abilities—at first glance, the iPod touch and an Android may look quite similar. But it only takes a few minutes using each to know there are large differences: the two OS’s offer entirely different look and feel, the available apps are often divergent, and so on. Notably for us music lovers, the music transfer and management functions are also greatly different. In what ways are they different, and what challenges arise in music migration tasks?

Android, when connected to a computer, is recognized the same as any external storage device like a USB or external hard drive. For your music, you can drag and drop music files pretty simply between the computer and the device (given that you know where in each directory the music files are stored, of course). On the other hand, iPod Touch is equipped with built-in music protection transfer limitations. In so many words, you can only move music through iTunes FROM the registered computer TO the registered iPod Touch. If you need to transfer music directly from an iPod Touch to an Android, it will be a real challenge.

The software’s barriers blocks direct transfer of music from an Apple device (like an iPod, iPad, iPhone) to any other device. For the particularly computer savvy, one could download a cracking app on the iPod Touch to make a computer recognize it as an external storage device like the Android. But this process is time consuming, with much room for errors and data loss. If you are looking for a fast and reliable solution to move music from an iPod Touch to your Android, a third-party application might be the right choice for you.

KiwiG PhonTunes is a free and robust music transfer software that allows you to freely migrate music data between PCs, iDevices, Android devices, and external storage devices in minutes. Here’s how:

Step 1.With your Android and iPod Touch both connected to the computer, open KiwiG PhonTunes. On the far right, two tabs will appear, one for each device. Go ahead and open the iPod Touch tab, first.

Step 2.In the iPod Touch music directory, you can browse and select any songs or playlists you want to transfer.

Step 3.When you’ve selected everything you want to transfer, click the arrow-in-a-box icon above and to the right of the music directory. This is the transfer-between-devices button. A window will appear.

Step 4.In the window that has appeared, make sure the Android is selected as the migration destination. Click Start. Your transfer will finish in a few minutes!

Barriers don’t have to exist for your music listening. Try out PhonTunes to enjoy tunes freedom, everyday.

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