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How to Transfer Music from iPod to New Computer?

author 2014-05-14 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

So you’re embarking on the new computer adventure. After (probably too many) years, you’ve shelled out the cash and invested in a new machine, have begun installing software, moving over important files, organizing your desktop (including choosing the perfect desktop image—don’t deny it, you spent hours looking through photos to choose just the right one), and, of course, transferring your music. For iPod users, the last item can end up being a real hassle. This article will help you weigh your options on how best to move your music from your iPod to your fancy new computer.

You’re probably all-too-familiar with the music transfer barriers between Apple devices—it can at times be really hard to move music from your iPod to a computer. iPods don’t work like external storage devices (USBs, external hard drives), in the sense that you can’t just drag and drop your music onto your computer freely. The barrier is in place specifically to avoid illegal copying and sharing of music, and also, secondarily, to encourage users to buy more music through iTunes and continue to use iTunes software. But there are two ways to get your music off your iPod: Manually, and with third-party music transfer software.

If you’re pretty computer savvy, you may want to manually move your music from an iPod to your new computer through the file directory system. This method can be time consuming and confusing, however, and differs depending on the type of iPod you have. Earlier iPod versions allow you to "Enable Disk Use", making the iPod act as a storage device, and allowing you to move files between the iPod and a computer readily. Later versions will require you to download an application to ‘break’ the barriers internal to the iPod, and navigate its file directory to find your music files, at which point you can begin to move things to your computer. If you choose the manual method, make sure you find a tutorial and have some time set aside.

Some third-party music transfer software is available online now that makes the transfer process for iPods and other devices really simple and direct. KiwiG PhonTunes is the only completely free option, powered with its full suite of music transfer and management functions. PhonTunes will work for your iPod and any other device, so it might be worth giving a try in order to keep your options open for later music transfer and library management on your new computer. With a tool like this, you can enjoy barrier-free music migration anytime.

Below, I’ve written out the steps, how to use KiwiG PhonTunes to transfer music from an iPod to a new computer:

Step 1.Launch KiwiG PhonTunes and plug your iPod into the new computer. Click on the iPod tab on the far right to open up your iPod music library.

Step 2.Select the music you want to put on your computer. If you want to do a full dump, just hit the checkbox in the header of the library directory.

Step 3.When you’re ready, click the To PC arrow icon to the left of the iPod panel.

Step 4.A window will appear, letting you know the number of songs you’re transferring. Click Start to complete the transfer. A few minutes later, your music will be successfully moved to the new computer!

Congratulations on your new computer, and on your totally complete music library! If you have any other favorite methods for moving your music, or have any questions, share them with us!

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