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How to Transfer Music from iPod to another iPod?

author 2014-05-12 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

iPods don’t grow on trees, but they sure are readily available today. The various makes and models are designed with different lifestyles in mind: Shuffle for the mover-and-shaker, Nano for those on the move needing to keep it light, Classic for the music nut, Touch for the beyond-music lover. With the varying models and versions over the years, as well, it’s not uncommon to find an older iPod lying around your house during Spring cleaning or come into possession of one or more at a time. If you, too, have found yourself in this situation, and want to migrate your music from one iPod to another, this article will help you out.

Apple support explains that it is not possible to directly transfer music between iPods through iTunes, the default Apple product music management software. To use iTunes, you will first need to get all your music into your iTunes library, add the new iPod device to your authorized devices list (which will wipe the existing data, be careful!), and move music as you would normally with iTunes after that.

If this doesn’t sound like the right path for your needs—perhaps this older iPod you found lying around the house has some music you lost years ago so you don’t want to overwrite the music files, or you don’t have another authorized device slot in your iTunes account, for example—I’d recommend checking out some third-party music transfer software. KiwiG PhonTunes is one example.

I recommend PhonTunes because, first of all, it’s completely free. Most software on the market that helps you move music between devices gives you a trial run (maybe 20 or 100 songs), before requiring you to get a subscription. PhonTunes on the other hand is free for life, and has no song number limit. The other reason PhonTunes is worth looking at is because it works for PCs, iPads, iPhones, iPods, Android phones, and external storage devices like hard drives and USBs. Pretty neat, because you’ll be able to keep your libraries up to date across all your machines, as well as easily backup your music to avoid future music data loss.

In this particular case—the iPod-to-iPod transfer—using this software is a breeze. Four steps and a few minutes after the fact, you’ll be able to check this task off your To-Do list and move on with your life. I’ll go into detail, below:

Step 1.Plug in both the iPods and launch KiwiG PhonTunes software. On the far-right, there will be two iPod tabs, one for each. First, click on the one with the music you want to move.

Step 2.Select any music you want to migrate to the other iPod.

Step 3.In the upper right-hand corner of the iPhone display box, you’ll see an arrow icon. Click on that icon and select the second iPod as the transfer destination.

Step 4.Click Start, and kick back. Your transfer will be done in no time at all!

Have you found any great ways to transfer your music between iPods? Have any hassles you still can’t figure a work-around for? Have any questions you want to ask about KiwiG PhonTunes? Feel free to get in touch or post a Comment!

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