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How to Transfer music from iPod to Android?

author 2014-05-22 posted by Hans Ling in London

It’s that time of year again. With summer vacation well in swing, and all your travel plans figured out, you’re getting your gear ready for an amazing summer. One thing that you certainly can’t go without is, of course, your music. Consolidating music from your music players and computer to a single device, in this case, your Android phone, can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, I’ll show you how to move music from your iPod to your Android in four easy steps with KiwiG PhonTunes.

Under normal circumstances, it’s not possible to directly move music from an iPod to any other portable device. First, you have to have all your music in iTunes to even get it onto the iPod in the first place. If, however, this is an old music player and it’s not hooked up to your iTunes account, there’s no easy way to get those files off and back onto your computer to be put on your Android. Or, should I say, there didn’t USED to be a way. Now, though, third party software is readily available online to help you move your music—with KiwiG PhonTunes you don’t even have to put it on your computer first.

PhonTunes is a revolutionary software that is completely free and offers limitless music migration between devices including iPods, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, computers, and external storage devices (HDs and USBs). Say goodbye to the limits of iTunes or the messy local music library, and say hello to a comprehensive music transfer and music management experience. Below, I’ll show you exactly how to move any and all music from your iPod to your Android phone in minutes.

Step 1.Open up KiwiG PhonTunes and plug in your iPod and Android to the computer. You can use the USB cords that were included with both to connect them. On the far right of PhonTunes, two tabs will appear: one for your iPod and one for your Android. Click on the tab for your iPod.

Step 2.In the iPod music list, choose any songs you want to move.

Step 3.At the top-right corner of the iPod music list, there’s an icon of an arrow in a box. Click on that icon to open up the transfer window.

Step 4.Once you ensure that the Android is selected as the migration destination, click "Start" and wait a few minutes. PhonTunes will let you know when your transfer is done!

Your summer vacation now has its soundtrack all in the single electronic device, your Android phone. We hope we’ve made this easy, and would love to hear your summer music stories!

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