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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPod Touch?

author 2014-05-21 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

I remember when iPod Touches first hit the market, the sleek sexy little things, offering all the favorite functions of iPods with apps, internet access, and browser capabilities to top it off. But, after the iPhone came along, many people discarded their iPod Touch or relegated them to a neglected shelf in their homes. I know someone who did just that, and was later glad that she hadn’t tossed it out.

A friend of mine recently had left her demanding job at a Wall Street company, and decided to move out of her apartment and head to the countryside. As she moved out, she found her old iPod Touch, and—loving the idea of getting some time away from the constant contact of the iPhone—was excited to give it another whirl.

Listening to music on your iPhone is effective, but some people are interested in having a music player that they can use when they also want to be alone. There’s a large comfort in leaving your phone at home and enjoying time to yourself with your tunes.

Unfortunately, if you want to move music from your iPhone to an iPod Touch, it’s not generally the easiest of tasks. You have to work through iTunes on the computer to shuffle music around. There’s currently no way with the default software to directly move music between two devices.

Some solutions are available, though, through third party software. When my friend came to me, I was able to share with her the application that hundreds of people are enjoying globally, KiwiG PhonTunes. It’s free, safe, and really easy to use, and of course breaks down the barriers that normally keep users from being able to move their music freely between different devices. Below are the steps to get music off of your iPhone and into your iPod Touch, without ever opening iTunes.

Step 1Open KiwiG Phontunes and plug in your iPhone and iPod Touch. Click on the iPhone tab on the far right to check out your music.

Step 2Select all the songs you want to move to your iPod Touch.

Step 3Above the song list in the right-hand corner of the iPhone directory, there’s a square icon with an arrow in it. Click that icon to open up the music transfer.

Step 4Make sure the iPod Touch is selected, and click Start. PhonTunes will let you know, a few minutes later, when the transfer was successful!

In the end, my friend tried PhonTunes and has been getting a kick out of reconnecting with her iPod Touch. These days, although she’s not always near her phone, she’s always got some outstanding music recommendations for me and seems a lot happier. Sometimes it’s a good thing to step back and let yourself get lost in the music—and I’m happy to have helped her find a way to make that possible!

Do you or anybody you know have an old iPod that’s just laying around your place, neglected? Ever been curious what music is on there? Tell us your story!

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