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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPad?

author 2014-06-03 posted by Hans Ling in London

Your friends ask you "Why do you have so many Apple products?" Well, you have your reasons. And regardless of those reasons, you want to be able to use each digital member of your arsenal the way you want to get your daily jobs done. One important function of Apple products today is none other than music storing, managing, and playing. iPhone and iPad both come with iTunes music pre-installed and ready to blast your tunes—but what if you want to move your music between an iPhone and an iPad? Is there an easy way to get it done?

iTunes is equipped with protective barriers against music sharing and copying. This is to help protect artists’ rights and reduce the use of stolen music by Apple users. A lot of times, though, there are legitimate reasons you’d want to move your own music between your own electronic tools. Normally, you can’t just drag/drop the music, but instead must usually use iTunes as the basecamp-of-sorts to distribute songs outwards. But if you want to move music directly from an iPhone to an iPad, there are tools that can help.

KiwiG PhonTunes is a full-featured freeware from KiwiGeeker, which allows you to freely move music between devices. Supporting not only Apple but also Android products, you can share songs (including all details like song ratings), playlists, and even listen and manage to your music during the process. The process is very simple, and I’ll take you through the steps below.

How to move music from an iPhone to an iPad:

Step 1.Open KiwiG PhonTunes and connect your iPhone and iPad BOTH to the computer with your USB cords. On the far right, two tabs will appear, one for each device. Click on the iPhone tab, first.

Step 2. In the iPhone display (on the right), open up the music directory and select all the music you want to move from your iPhone to your iPad.

Step 3.Above and to the right of the iPhone music directory is a small icon that looks like an arrow in a box. Click that icon, and a window will appear detailing the number of songs you want to transfer and letting you choose the destination (if you have more than one device connected to the computer).

Step 4.Make sure the iPad is selected, and click START. Your transfer will be done in just a few minutes!

Getting your groove on should be easy, even with differing devices in your backpack or around your home. We hope this tool can enable you to keep your music ready at hand, anytime, anywhere.

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