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How to Transfer Music from an iPad to an External Disk?

author 2014-06-10 posted by Hans Ling in London

Moving music from an iPad to an external disk may seem like a task of mythological proportions. It’s certainly not easy. If your iPad has some unique music data not in your iTunes account or already on your computer, there are many barriers to getting it off. In this article, I’ll show you how.

Why is it so hard to put music onto an external disk from an iPad?

iPads, along with all other Apple devices, by default use iTunes as the music management and playing tool. iTunes, in an attempt to reduce illegal copying and sharing, has put up some pretty strong barriers to music transfer. As long as the iPad is registered as an authorized device to your iTunes account, moving any music from your authorized PC to the iPad is a breeze—as simple as drag and drop. However, moving music off of the iPad is not commonly permitted. There are, naturally, instances in which moving music off of the iPad is perfectly legal and not infringing upon the rights of music artists. Backing up your music to an External Disk is a perfect example.

How can you get the job done when you need to?

The easiest way to move music onto a hard disk is through iTunes on your computer. If your music is saved to your iTunes account and on your computer, you can simply go to the iTunes music folder and copy/paste it into an external hard drive.

If, however, your music is only on your iPad (perhaps you downloaded some music outside of the iTunes store from one of the many free or affordable music downloading apps), you will need to use third-party software to get it off. KiwiG PhonTunes is a completely free music transfer software developed by KiwiGeeker that can help you get the job done in minutes. Below, I’ll take you through all the steps to move music from your iPad to an external hard drive.

Use KiwiG PhonTunes to transfer music from an iPad to an external hard drive:

Step 1.Plug in your external hard drive and iPad, both, to your computer. Open KiwiG PhonTunes. The program will automatically recognize connected devices, and two tabs will appear on the far right. First, click on the iPad tab.

Step 2.After opening the iPad music directory by clicking on the tab on the right, you can browse and select any music you wish to transfer. Make sure you select all the music you want to move.

Step 3.In the upper right-hand corner, an arrow inside a square icon can be found. Click that icon to open the transfer window.

Step 4.In the transfer window, make sure the external hard drive is selected as the destination for the migration, then click start. In a few minutes, your transfer will be completed.

A task that usually can cause major headaches becomes easy with KiwiG PhonTunes. Do you have any unusual music transfer issues? Post them below to get help from our pro team!

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