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How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to iTunes?

author 2014-02-17 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Most iPod touch users work with iTunes to manage their music. In this way, user can easily sync music from their computer to their mobile devices. But under some of the following scenarios, users would need to transfer and copy music from their iPod touch to iTunes. iTunes itself can't support these scenarios very well.

  • Computer crashes and all the songs in the computer are lost. The only copy intact is that on your iPod Touch, and you want to transfer the copy to your new computer.
  • A friend wants to share a music file with you from their iPod Touch to your computer.
  • You have synced some music from a computer's iTunes with your own iPod Touch, and you want to save them to a different computer.

Transfer music from iPod Touch to iTunes

With Apple's default music management tool, iTunes, users can only sync all files on their iPod Touch to iTunes, and are unable to freely transfer or copy a single song, or a part of their music to the computer. Avoid the obstacles by trying KiwiG PhonTunes. PhonTunes is a free iPod music transfer application, which can easily resolve the problem scenarios listed above and more. The four steps below is all it takes to copy music from iPod Touch to iTunes.KiwiG PhonTunes

Step 1Download and install KiwiG PhonTunes. You do need iTunes installed, so make sure you do! But don't worry, you won't have to open it.

iPod touch to iTunes transfer

Step 2Connect your iPod Touch to the computer and open KiwiG PhonTunes. Your iTunes and iPod Touch music libraries will be clearly displayed, automatically.

Sync music from iPod touch to iTunes

Step 3Select the music file(s) you wish to transfer or copy.

Sync music from iPod touch to iTunes

You can also select the network path to save the music files after clicking the "Browse".

Step 4Select the destination for your music, and click "Start." You have successfully transferred your music! NEED A SCREENSHOT

With the wonderful free tool, transfer and copy music files from iPod touch to iTunes can be that easy. So it is worth to try if you are experiencing one of the mentioned situation now.

Some related info for iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is usually described as an 'iPhone without the phone', each iPod Touch model to date has been introduced with the same release number of iOS as the contemporary iPhone model. As a member of iPod family, the music management and play option in iPod Touch is very high frequently used by users.

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