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How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to iPhone?

author 2014-03-31 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

"I recently made the leap from iPod Touch to iPhone. More of a little hop, really, because I have the same Apps, can still take photos, and of course I can listen to all my music on it. Picking up the iPhone seemed like a natural shift, and I totally love it! The only problem is, my iPod Touch has been in my arsenal for a long time, now. The music I store on this big device is from all different sources: purchased form iTunes, uploaded from burned CDs, downloaded from other music download Apps… And when I did the research online, I learned that iTunes couldn’t help me transfer music that wasn’t purchased from the iTunes store. There’s gotta be another way!"

iPod Touch and iPhone are two powerful tools, both of which are equipped with high-quality music listening tools. Due to how connected users of iPod Touch and iPhone are to the internet at large, they have also been equipped with strong music sharing restrictions in an attempt to avoid illegal sharing and copying of music. Sometimes, however, there are perfectly legal cases in which someone would want to move their music from one device to the other, and iTunes’ restrictions can make this seem impossible.

Save yourself time, save yourself energy, and save yourself money by looking into KiwiG PhonTunes. It’s the only completely free music transfer solution in the world, allowing you to move music between PC, iOS devices (like iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android devices, and external storage devices without barrier. You’ll never pay a dime, and you’ll always have your music synced on any of your mobile devices and computers for a complete music-listening experience.

Below, we’ll show you the easy step-by-step how to transfer music from your iPod Touch to your iPhone in minutes with KiwiG PhonTunes.

Step 1.Launch KiwiG PhonTunes and connect both your iPod Touch and iPhone to the computer. Upon opening, you will see your iTunes and Local Music libraries displayed on the left. Below the music player in the center are transfer option buttons and a search bar. Below that, full display of your PC’s music and track details is shown. On the right, you can see all connected external devices, and can browse music already on those devices. Your iPod Touch and iPhone should be displayed in separate tabs on the far right.

Connect iPod Touch and iPhone to PC

Step 2.Click on the tab for your iPod Touch to see your music library within the device. You can see all separate playlist categories within the device by clicking the arrow on the left side of "Device Music."

Step 3.Click on the carrot (">") to the right of "Device Music" to see all the songs on the iPod Touch. To select all music on the device, click the checkbox at the top of the library in the gray header row. Note: You can also select playlists or individual songs (using the search function can help you find tracks quickly)—the sky’s the limit.

Choose all songs on your iPod Touch

Step 4.In the upper right-hand corner of the library display, there is a small arrow icon. Click on that icon and a window will appear with a drop-down menu showing other devices connected to PhonTunes. Select your iPhone, and click "Start."

Move iPod Touch music to iPhone

Step 5.PhonTunes will notify you of the transfer’s success: Your transfer is now complete!

The above steps describe only one possibility made available through KiwiG PhonTunes. Transfer music freely between all your devices, and enjoy music wherever you go, on any mobile tool.

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