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How to Transfer Music from iPod Touch to Computer?

author 2014-03-03 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

So, you want to move your music from an iPod Touch to your computer. Seems simple enough. Sadly, however, some challenges remain when moving music from an iPod Touch (or any mobile Apple device) to the computer, particularly when iTunes's limited music transfer functions act as barriers to your migration.

The good news is third party software is now available to help you transfer music from an iPod Touch to a computer without opening iTunes. In this article we'll be taking a look at KiwiG PhonTunes, the world's first completely free music transfer software, and teach you how to transfer music from an iPod Touch to a computer in three simple steps.

KiwiG PhonTunes is an iTunes alternative for music transfer and music management. With PhonTunes it's easy to not only transfer music from an iPod Touch to a computer, but also easy to migrate any music between single or multiple devices (iOS, Android and external storage devices such as hard drives and USBs) and your iTunes library or computer. The application additionally supports music details editing, duplicate song detection, and playlist creation, helping you keep your library exactly how you'd like it across all your digital environments.

Now, let's take a look at how to transfer or copy your iPod Touch music to a computer in three steps with KiwiG PhonTunes.

Step 1Connect your iPod Touch to the computer and launch KiwiG PhonTunes. The software's control panel will display all recognized devices on the left, your music library in the center, and transfer options above the music library. On the left, click on your iPod Touch.

Connect iPod touch to PC

Step 2Select the music you'd like to transfer. You can choose a few songs, a playlist, or the whole library for migration. Go crazy. Note that PhonTunes will show you which songs are already in your iTunes library (a check-mark), and which songs are only on your iPod Touch (an orange icon).

Choose music or playlist

Step 3When you're ready, click "Transfer to Computer". Select where you want to save your music files with "Browse". Click "Start" to complete the music transfer. A window will appear letting you know your transfer was successful.

save your iPod Touch music to local

You can also select the network path to save the music files after clicking the "Browse".

Life is better with music, and we're happy to offer solutions that make it possible for you to listen to your music, free from obstacle, anytime and anywhere. We hope you enjoy KiwiG PhonTunes, the world's first completely free music transfer software.

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