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How to Transfer Music between iPad and Computer?

author 2014-03-06 posted by Jacqueline Ho in Perth

When the iPad first hit the shelves, there was, as usual for new technology, a lot of hype and curiosity as to whether or not tablet devices would satisfy a need in the market that iPhones and laptops weren't already fulfilling. Now iPads have become a favorite tool for thousands of people worldwide. Perfectly portable, easy-to-use, reliable and versatile, it's no wonder the iPad can now be seen in people's hands no matter where you go. Same as all of Apple's mobile devices, the iPad is featured with iTunes-based music storing and playing capabilities. It's easy as pie to move files from your computer to the iPad (plug it in, drag and drop), but when an iPad user wants to transfer music to their PC they're left with no options.

iPads have built-in restrictions that prevent copying music onto other devices. These restrictions exist to minimize illegal music sharing and pirating, and protect the intellectual property of the musicians who created the tunes. There are, however, times when copying your music from the iPad to a computer is reasonable and infringes no copyright laws, like when a hard drive crashes and all your music is lost. Rather than spending time re-copying CDs and compiling a brand-new library, wouldn't it be easier to just migrate your library back to the new hard drive?

Third party applications have hit the markets along with mobile devices that can help users transfer their music easily and effectively. Most of these applications offer a free demo, likely a transfer of 20 or 100 songs, but there is only one software solution that is completely free. KiwiG PhonTunes is a professional music transfer software application that can make the process of moving your music between an iPad and a computer easier than ever.

Now, let's take a detailed look at how to use PhonTunes to transfer music between an iPad and a PC.

How to transfer music from an iPad to a computer:

Step 1Connect your iPad to the computer and launch KiwiG PhonTunes. If iTunes tries to automatically sync (this will overwrite the library in the iPad, yikes!), stop the sync to avoid loss of music data. When PhonTunes opens, you will see in the main window all recognized devices, your iTunes library, and local library on the left. In the middle, all music files and their details are displayed. At the top, you can find PhonTunes's transfer options.

connect your iPad to PC

Step 2Click on your iPad in the left column to view your music files. Select all the songs you would like to transfer. Any songs with an orange icon next to it means that your iTunes library doesn't currently have the file.

Step 3Above the music list, click Transfer to iTunes and then click Start. In minutes, your selected music will transfer to your iTunes library!

If you're not a fan of iTunes, KiwiG PhonTunes also can transfer your iPad's music to any destination on your hard drive. To do this, just click "Transfer to Computer", with the Browse button select the folder or location for the music files, then finish the transfer by clicking "Start".

move iPad songs to PC

A once-difficult task becomes easy with KiwiG PhonTunes in your toolkit. We hope music lovers everywhere can now enjoy their music free from barriers.

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