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How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod?

author 2014-05-23 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Despite all the hype surrounding smartphones, there still really is nothing like a good old iPod. Just plug it in and listen—no phone call interruptions, no temptation to veer off into the cyber spaces within, only you and your tunes. So if you are now trying to move your music from your Android to your iPod, how do you do it?

There are a couple of options. Since Android works as a storage device, one way is to drag and drop all your music files from the Android into iTunes. After the music is in your iTunes library, you can put it on your iPod.

Challenges exist for this transfer method, however. Depending on the Android model, the location of the music folder will differ, so it may take a little bit of digging to get to your files. Also, the iPod must be a recognized device of your iTunes account, or else adding music files will first require a total wipe of the existing data. In addition, the music files will take up space on your computer, so you will also want to be sure there’s enough available space before copying them to iTunes.

If you really just want to directly move the music between these two devices, I recommend trying KiwiG PhonTunes. PhonTunes is a third party music transfer software that eliminates barriers for moving your songs between smartphones, music players, computers and external storage devices. In addition, it’s completely free. Below, I’ll take you through the steps to get your music onto your iPod.

Step 1Launch KiwiG PhonTunes with your Android phone and iPod connected to the computer. On the far right, two tabs will appear, one for each. Click on the Android tab.

Step 2In the Android music library, select any songs you want to move.

Step 3Click the box-around-an-arrow icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the Android music library. A window will open up telling you how many songs you’ve selected and asking you where you want your music to go.

Step 4Make sure the iPod is the destination for the music. Click start to finish the music transfer!

We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you! Happy listening.

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