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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod without opening iTunes?

author 2014-04-23 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

Let’s face it: iTunes is not an easy-to-use tool when it comes to managing and transferring music between devices.

All iOS users (iPod, iPhone, iPad) have used and are probably familiar with iTunes software and its limitations. Music lovers may find themselves in stressful situations in which they are unable to transfer music to or from the iTunes library due to restrictions and barriers. Unfortunately, after music is stored in iTunes it’s also a nightmare to access the original files if you decide iTunes is not the right platform for you.

Luckily, there is another software tool that rivals iTunes and makes it easy to break free, allowing you to move music from iTunes without opening the program. KiwiG PhonTunes is a comprehensive music transferring, management, and playing tool that is completely free through KiwiGeeker. With PhonTunes, you can easily move music between your PC, iOS devices, Android devices, and external storage (like hard drives or USB flash drives), while also listening to the files, editing music details, and checking for wasted space with its special duplicate detection function.

If you want free reign of your music transfer from iTunes to iPod, we recommend you give KiwiG PhonTunes a try. Transfer the entire iTunes library, or select playlists or tracks in seconds with just a few clicks, while enjoying the peace of mind that your files will not be damaged in the process.

Below are step-by-step instructions how to transfer music from iTunes to your iPod using PhonTunes. See for yourself how easy and enjoyable this process can be:

Steps to transfer iTunes playlists to Android

Step 1Connect your iPod and launch KiwiG PhonTunes. The left-hand panel displays computer-stored libraries, iTunes and Local Music. The center shows song details, with a player at the top. The far-right panel shows mobile devices connected to the computer. First, click on iTunes on the left.

Step 2Select all the music you’d like to transfer to your iPod.

Step 3Click the iPod tab on the far right to open your iPod directory as the target for the transfer.

Step 4Click the To Device button (it looks like an arrow) to move your music. Click Start and wait for the notification of success! Your music will be safe on your iPod in seconds.

With PhonTunes, you can avoid the hassles of your devices’ default music transfer tools, and enjoy complete freedom over your music environment. We hope you enjoy the software and solutions provided by our team, and appreciate any feedback!

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