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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPad without opening iTunes?

author 2014-04-11 posted by Hans Ling in London

In order to manage music between your iPad and a computer, the default software is iTunes. iTunes and iPads were made for each other (a very compatible coupling courtesy of Apple developers), and yet iTunes was not necessarily made for every iOS device owner. iTunes is at time clunky, and often lined with inconvenient music management barriers. Some music lovers are therefore turning to alternative software solutions for music listening, management and transfer, in order to enjoy greater control and customization of their music experience.

So, what if you have a large library already in iTunes, and want to put those songs on your iPad without dealing with the iTunes software, itself? Are there any solutions that could make this transfer process easy? Luckily, there is.

In this article the editor will discuss KiwiG PhonTunes and its music transfer abilities for the iPad. PhonTunes is completely free PC software that allows the user to freely transfer their music library between PC and devices (for backup or playlist creation and maintenance), edit and update song details, and also features a music player. The advantage of using PhonTunes for music management and transfer needs is that users can keep their music files in tip-top condition across all devices, from external back-up hard drives, to iOS devices (like your iPad), and even Android devices. No more hassle, no more barriers, and no more clash between your various music devices.

So now, we will take you through the simple steps how to move music from your iTunes library to your iPad with KiwiG PhonTunes.

Step 1.Launch KiwiG PhonTunes and connect your iPad to the computer. On the left, you will see your iTunes library and any local libraries on your computer. The center displays the songs and their details, with transfer option buttons and the music player above that. The right will display all recognized devices connected to the computer. Your iPad should have its own tab on the far right.

Step 2.Click on your iTunes library on the left to open it and view the songs. Select all songs you wish to transfer to your iPad.

Transfer iTunes Music to iPad without opening iTunes

Step 3.Now click on the iPad tab on the far left to open your iPad’s music library. Between the iTunes songs display and the iPad library display, there is an arrow button pointing towards the iPad. Click that button to transfer.

Step 4.Click Start to complete your music transfer. A window will appear when the songs have been successfully migrated to your iPad.

You have successfully moved some or your entire music library to your iPad WITHOUT iTunes. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? We hope that you can continue to enjoy music management freedom with KiwiG PhonTunes for all your devices.

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