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How to Transfer Music from iPod to iPad?

author 2014-04-16 posted by Gabriel Rutberg in Melbourne

You gotta love the Apple product family. Once you’ve owned one, it’s hard to not give the others a shot. Apple began their dominance of the portable music player industry with the iPod, and since then has designed better and more diverse products that allow people to enjoy their music wherever they go. More recently, however, the iPad has been taking off as a favorite mobile device, particularly beloved for its media playing capabilities.

So, you’ve bought yourself an iPad, and are dying to get all your favorite music from your iPad onto it. What’s the best way to go about this? How can you quickly and easily move your music from one device to another?

The usual method requires all your music to be stored in iTunes on your computer, which is then synced to your iPod and iPad, separately. This works for some users just fine, particularly those who buy all their music through iTunes store. However, if your iPod has music that’s not in your iTunes library, or if you don’t use iTunes, it can be pretty challenging. Luckily, today there are easy and free solutions to move your music between devices, without ever opening iTunes.

KiwiG PhonTunes is the revolutionary music transfer software that enables you to move music between devices (PC, iOS, Android, and even external storage devices), 100% free. Most other music transfer software solutions give you a trial of 20 to 100 songs before you must buy a license, but PhonTunes on the other hand offers free lifetime music transfer services once you download. Also, it’s very easy to use. Below, we’ll take you through the steps of transferring your music from an iPod to your iPad.

How to transfer music from iPod to iPad:

Step 1.Launch KiwiG PhonTunes and connect your iPod and iPad to the computer. The left-hand panel shows your computer libraries (iTunes and Local), the middle displays music details, the right shows all connected devices and their music details. Click on your iPod tab on the far left.

Step 2.Select any music you’d like to transfer to your iPad. You can search for specific tracks, browse freely, or just select them all.

Transfer iPod music to iPad

Step 3.In the right-hand panel, right above the list of songs, click the green arrow-in-a-box icon to transfer your music. From the drop-down, select your iPad and click Start. PhonTunes will alert you when the transfer is complete, in seconds or minutes depending on the size of the transfer. And you’re done!

KiwiGeeker aims to make you the master of your music environment with superior music transfer, management, and playing tools. Try out KiwiG PhonTunes 2.5 today, and enjoy free reign of your music life across all devices.

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